Thursday, November 22, 2007

christmas Presents 3

Hey I know this is supposed to be presents for Newlifer's...

But I just couldn't go past this shout out to Matt Smallbone, Bass man, Alabaster Box!!

Hey Matt if I was a slum lord and was really, really rich... the first thing I'd do would be buy you a classic rickenbacker bass like this. You deserve it mate!!!

cheers, Matt, it's the thought that counts, ;)

Christmas Presents 2

Hey... what do you get your wife when she has everything?

That's a very good question... and it's been giving me some grief over the past few weeks as I think and ponder just what to buy my awesome wife this Christmas.

And I think I've finally found something. It's the Holden VE Series Maloo Ute!!!

I know she'd look fantastic dropping kids off to school in this... yeah it's got her name written all over it. Now I've just got to come up with the spare 60 G's. Oh well it's the thought that counts!!

Pastors raise good Pirates!!

I've been praying for years that my boys will grow up to love, follow and know Jesus as their God and friend. And I'm overjoyed to see the work that God is doing in their little hearts. Teaching and softening them to love others, it truely is a joy to see the growth in these little men.

BUT I was a little shocked to see that lately there's been a subtle shift towards wanting to be a Pirate when they grow up!!! I don't know where that's come from!!

Oh well, I must confess I desperately wanted to be a Pirate with a RED beard and an eye patch when I was their age... sadly it was THE dream that slipped through my fingers... darn it... haharRRR!

I did manage to get my second preference...

Church Leadership... an inside peek.

Here's a couple of thought starters for everyone who's thinking about church leadership. I really appreciate Bill Hybels article, take the time to read it and pray for your pastor/s.

Also the late Leadership Guru Peter Drucker made this comment when asked about the most demanding leadership positions... and not necessarily in order, are the president of the United States, a university president, a CEO of a hospital and ... a pastor.

Lucky I don't live in the States... ;)

Thanks to Tony McCollum for the 'heads up'!

Monday, November 19, 2007

What I'd get Westie for Christmas if I was rich!

Hey, with Christmas just around the corner... I've been thinking about the presents that I have to buy. For some people it's easy, for others it's more difficult. Over the next few weeks I'm going to share a few of the presents I'd buy for people who've been serving at Newlife Church this year IF I was a filthy rich slum lord, property developer or media mogul - ha ;)
Here's what I'd buy Sam West... it's the thought that counts!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Here's a church worth checking out... METRO on the Gold Coast

Nerida and I've been visiting a number of churches over the past year (in our time off) and we're yet to visit a church that has it down like METRO when it comes to reaching those who're disconected from God.

In a way the Pastors, Garry & Kasey Mac are old contacts... my sister really grew under Gary's ministry (hey yeah!!!) at Surfcity!! Anyway tonight I want to encourage everyone, if you're having a holiday at the GOLDIE and want a church to drop in on after you've finshed shopping on Sunday arvo then check out METRO.

Matt Smallbone dishes up the dirt on Alabaster Box

Hey, I'm right up front when it comes to supporting Alabaster Box, they are HUGE!!

And for those who're interested, here's a great article on the net where Matt Smallbone (did I tell you Matt's my Bro-in law?) dishes up the dirt on what is that make AB GREAT!!!

Tomorrow we have Bill Lutton sharing

Hey tomorrow at our international congregation we have the Rev Bill Lutton coming to share with us!!

Make sure you come along as Bill shares with us from the Word of God.

For everyone who's coming to our Springfield congregation... I'll be teaching from Proverbs 1-9. Great stuff, wisdom that will change your life!!

What is it about Leadership...?

What is it about the Aussie bloke (and ladies) that has so infected us that we are so inclined to reject the leadership that God places over us?

I have been pondering and thinking over this alot myself lately and I reckon it's got alot to do with the foundational culture of Australia, you know, we're a bunch of convicts and free living immigrants who hate anyone telling us what to do. Our grandads and grandmas didn't come to this GREAT land to find political freedom. No, they came to make a fresh start, a fresh go of things. AND that coupled with our love of rum which led to the 'rum rebellion' and the installation of 'flogging pastors' because no one else would take on the job of disciplining us 'mongrels' I reckon has made us Aussies a tough bunch of characters to deal with when it comes to relating to 'God' and all that. Anyway, the heart of the matter is people love to reject God and we'll find any excuse, and that's that!

Apart from all that, here's a great post from Shawn Lovejoy, lead pastor of Mountain Lake Church, USA regarding LEADERSHIP and God's perspective. I really appreciate his thoughts... what do you think?

Friday, November 2, 2007

Update on the Church in the Pub...

I've been following Vince Antonucci's Blog for a while now and I've been really engaged and encouraged by his work at reaching out via a church meeting held on a Tuesday night at the 'White Horse Pub.' Check out
It was interesting to read the article in the local paper about the service and even more interesting to read the comments posted, you can check out the article and the comments here.
I reckon this would really work here in Australia...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fergus loves Wooly Rhino's

A little boy I know absolutely loves Wooly Rhino's!!! So much infact that I call him 'the Wooly Rhino'... and He is the most dangerous one there is!! Watch out if he is disturbed eating. I'm so glad I'm not an Ice Age Hunter ;-)

Hey in case you didn't know...

I love and adore my beautiful bride... Nerida you are the love of my life!!!

steve's hitting in the middle of the bat...

Steven Has a bit to say about hearing from God. Hey if what the we think the Holy Spirit is saying isn't lining up with the word of God in the bible... ignore it... but if it is, then you'd better listen. Hmmmm, serious ramifications...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Perry Noble's thoughts on Pastor's Pain

One of the Pastors I like to read on out there every now and agian in the wonderful world of the "world wide web" is Perry Noble. Perry's just put up a terrific post called “The Pastor’s Pain” in which he gives the inside scoop on what it’s like to be a pastor. Hmmm I don't like pain...

He talks about the “three pains” of a pastor:

1) The pain from loneliness

2) The pain from criticism

3) The pain from unrealistic expectations

Hey this is just something that I think is worth reading!

Read it and then go love on your pastor!

Hey... I'll accept all loving that's coming my way. Encouragement and fuel from others is great, we all need it, but above all I cherish the immeasurable love that God gives me in His Son Jesus!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Paul Peterson gives great advice to DAD's

Hey one of the guys I love to read on the Blogosphere is Paul Peterson. In this post Paul kicks it home with his post "strong fathers, strong daughters" and I reckon it's just the same with raising and leading little men (Hey Paul - I've got three boys, maybe we should talk!!)
Another piece of advice I've been give about raising strong men of God is this, "It's not what you protect your boys from that will make them men, it's the battles that you fight with them that shape their future."
Love that. Let's prayefully raise men (and women) who have the heart and passion of Jesus. Big call but its not easy to raise an army that can engage with and change the world.
Cheers Paul.

Perry Noble calls it as it is when it comes to dating

Hey I just wanted to share with you these posts from Perry Noble about the finer art of dating...
Hey I know that's a touchy topic when it comes to Aussie Men but as a oldest brother of four beautiful and deeply loved sisters I can relate, prospective boyfriends (Iknow who you are) will read between the lines...
Perry Nobles post on four things a single girl should know.
Perry Nobles post on five things a single guy should know.
Love the way Perry talks about the things that matter.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

God demands RISK part 2

I donno, but I can't seem to get away from Genesis 12:1-4. Every where I turn it seems that God is putting this particular part of His word before me. And more than that He's challenging me to step up and be a man of God, a man of God who honors Jesus by the RISKS I'm willing to take for Him. Now the funny thing is I just don't have the foggiest idea what it is exactly that He's calling me to do or risk yet... but kinda like Abraham I feel God's call stronger than ever to live a life that honors Jesus every day. And that my friends is a faith filled daily risk, but it isn't really a risk because following Jesus brings eternal unfathomable rewards no matter what the cost for me today.

1 The LORD had said to Abram, "Leave your country, your people and your father's household and go to the land I will show you.
2 "I will make you into a great nation
and I will bless you;
I will make your name great,
and you will be a blessing.

3 I will bless those who bless you,
and whoever curses you I will curse;
and all peoples on earth
will be blessed through you."

4 So Abram left, as the LORD had told him; and Lot went with him. Abram was seventy-five years old when he set out from Haran.

"A HUGE shout out to Alabaster Box!"

Hey there, I just want to put out a shameless plug for my Brother in laws band - Alabaster Box! Well it's not actually HIS band but he is in it...
Anyways, Nerida and I often think and pray for them as they serve Jesus and tell others about Him over in the USA.
Make sure you check out their Myspace page here, cause you can listen to their brand NEW song 'Bigger!!!'

Monday, October 15, 2007

Look Back to Look Forward

Ever feel the pressure to solve a problem?
Hey we all do, more than we realise.
The challenge I've taken up is to take the time to look back and ask myself the question, "How have they solved this problem in the past?"
Bruce D. Johnson, puts it this way... "So as you look at your company or organization and your current problems or opportunities, what are some of the best ideas you had or that worked three or five or ten years ago that might create a possible solution today? Remember: sometimes the past can be the key to unlocking your future!"
Hey and King Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived affirms this approach to problem solving, he wrote : "What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun..." Ecclesiastes 1:9.
Hope that helps you next time you're trying to nut out a problem you're facing.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

God demands RISK!

Today I've been pondering over something... what does God require of His leading men? Well His word gives heaps of straight up direct requirements - godliness, humility, patience, eyes only for your one wife, endurance, self controled and the list goes on (see 1 Timothy 3 & Titus 1 for specific qualifications).

But over and over again God demands that His leading men be RISK TAKERS.

Abraham - risked walking leaving his homeland into the unknown with God.
Moses - risked death at the hand of Pharaoh, and humiliation in the eyes of his people.
Esther - risked her life for God's will.
The Prophets - all risked their lives and bunch of them paid the price of standing up for the Word of God.
Peter and all the other disciples appart from John died as martyrs.

God demands we be risk takers, even willing to sacrifice everything for His name.

Kingdom Minded Wisdom

Craig Groeschel has summed up what it means to be a Godly leader who is kingdom minded. Craig says,
Celebrate Other’s Successes
Someone said…
When your ministry is small, people ignore you.
When your ministry is growing, people are jealous of you.
When your ministry is large, people hate you.
As Kingdom-Minded Leaders, we should be the exact opposite.
When someone’s ministry is small, we should invest in them.
When someone’s ministry is growing, we help them continue to grow.
When someone’s ministry is large, we should celebrate what God is doing.

Let’s get practical. How can we show our Kingdom heart in our cities?
* When someone moves into a new building or opens a new campus or ministry, we can send them a note or flowers to celebrate.
* When another ministry gets good publicity in the media, we can email and congratulate them.
* When someone is raising money for a building, we can send them an offering.
* When a pastor in town writes a book, we can give them a good review on Amazon.
* When another church hires one of our staff members, we can speak well of the church and bless our staff to go.
* Rather than feeling threatened by the church plant down the street, we can pray for them, send them an offering, or invite our people to go help.
* When a ministry becomes more outwardly successful, we can sincerely thank God for what He’s doing.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Vince Antonucci - Hey you speaka my language

Hey I can't help but think that there needs to be more Christians like Vince. Check out this post i've dragged over...

Last night we had our second service at the bar. We had 3 less people than the prior Tuesday. However, there were less of "our" people there (regular Forefront attenders) so there were actually more "outsiders" there. The service went awesome.

The first week my highlights were: (1) During the message, some guy at the bar yelled "Bullsh*t!" There is some debate about whether he was saying it to me or not. Immediately after, someone yelled, "Shut up!" which most people think was directed at the B.S. guy, not at me. Either way, the owner of the bar grabbed the B.S. guy, put him in a headlock, and escorted him out. I have been preaching for about twelve years, and I've had all kinds of reactions to my sermons, good and bad, but never has anyone had to be put in a headlock and carried out of the room. That is too sweet! (2) After the service this kind of big, kind of tough looking guy came up to me. I realized he had tears in his eyes. He said, "Hey man, thanks for teaching me about forgiveness." Okay, that was seriously awesome.

So check this out: Last night (week two) immediately after the service I went up to that guy and said, "Thanks for coming back." He said, "No, thank you. I would never go to church on a Sunday morning. This is perfect for me. Thanks for doing this for me." I answered, "No problem, man, I'm glad to be here." So he says, "Can I ask you a question. How much would it cost me for a service?" I was like, "Sorry, what do you mean?" He said, "How much would it cost me to have a service?" Me: "Sorry, I don't get what you mean." Him: "How much would it cost to get the guys to come out?" Me: "Do you mean our band?" Him: "Yeah." Me: "Ohhhhh, yeah they do play at all kinds of stuff. I don't know how much it would cost. You'd have to ask Joe." Him: "Okay. See, I have a huge back yard, and I throw huge parties. Huge! So I'll buy all the food and all the drinks, and I'd like to have a service." Me: "A service?" Him: "Yeah, I'm going to invite all my friends, and then surprise them with a service. Just like what you guys did tonight. I want the sermon, the videos, the music." Me: "Wait a second. You mean that you want to have a church service in your back yard for your friends?" Him: "Yeah. Just like you did tonight. So, how much would I have to pay?" Me: "Dude, if you invite all your friends over and let us have a church service in your back yard, you definitely don't have to pay!" Him: "Really?!?" Me: "Really!" Him: "Welllll, then, I'll have you picked up in a limosine." Me: "Uhhh, no, that's okay, I have a car." Him: "So you'd come out and do church for my friends for free?" Me: "Yes!" Him: "Wow! Okay, then you can count on it! We'll do it on a Friday night."

How cool is that?!? This guy is not a Christian, and is going to surprise all his friends with a church service!?! Reminds me of a party some guy named Matthew threw in the Bible...

By the way, if anyone reading this has a bunch of non-Christian friends and wants us to come and do church for them in your back yard, we'll do it for free. (But if you live more than 60 miles from my house, send the limo.)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Gems Stumbled Upon

Every now and again I reckon it's worth just sharing some of the 'gems' that I've discovered. Here are just a couple found of late...
First Gary Lamb shared with us "10 things I wish I had known..."
Then Jimmy Britt responded with a punchy little post simply entitled "My Ten Things..."
Then I stumbled upon David Zimmerman's "A Visitor's Prespective."
Then there's Steven Furtick's comments on why Elevation is a church committed to a culture of honor. Hmmm, my guess is it's just part of the reason Elevation just made it to number 23 on this list.
Again, talking about Steve, in this post he reminded me of something that my old Pastor Rev Roland Sondergeld said to me... "Be a big boy, eat the fish and leave the bones." Good reminder, and one of the reasons I dig reading what Steve writes.
Finally, I've come to really appreciate the thoughts of Vince Antonucci. One of his thought starters for me was this post on visitors in the Church.

Watch Innovate Sessions FOR FREE

Updated to include sessions from Troy Gramling and Scott Hodge...

This is good news...we have the sessions from Innovate available to watch FOR FREE! Use these links...

Session 1 by Guy Kawasaki
Session 2 by Mark Beeson
Session 4 by Tim Stevens
Session 5 by Rob Wegner
Session 7a by Troy Gramling
Session 7b by Scott Hodge
Session 8 by Mark Beeson
Directory of all sessions here.

Great little countdown!!

A mate pointed out to me this little countdown!!
What better way to try it out than with my birthday?
check it out here.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Keeping it Simple

At Newlife long before I arrived as the second Pastor the Leadership had decided that we would be a church that did a few things well. Our purpose statement is simple and powerful, we aim to be a community of Christians who, "Live for God, Love one another & Lead others to Jesus Christ."
More later...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Next Sunday - full throttle living

Was inspired by the drags for the title for our new three week series - Full throttle living. I'm praying that as we look at the book of ACTS together we will once again be encouraged as a church to pursue Jesus with a faith that is fully committed, fully foot to the floor, unwavering. Full throttle. MMMMM yeah. I can smell the methanol in my sinuses again!!!

Combined service @ Graceville Wrap up

well it was absolutely amazing to come together as a one congregation today at Graceville. The music team did a knock down job, the lunch was fantastic and I reckon everyone has blessed by the time spent celebrating Jesus together. Great to get the feedback from a few guests who were blown away by the way they were welcomed and made to feel comfortable today. Great to hear, we do it simply so people who're far from God can come close to Jesus and have their lives changed forever.

Drags and Church planting

Was blown away by the sheer adrenaline rush of the drags. Spent an afternoon there and actually was hugely impressed. Man those boys and girls push it to the limit. got me thinking about what I do as a pastor... sometimes things just go wrong, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. It's just part of the ride. Sorry if thia makes no sense to you - I just had to get that off my chest so to speak. Oh and it was awesome to be there to witness this crash and hear that the driver got up and gets to drive another day - yeahhh!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Your money and your heart

Been reading a new book out by Aubrey Malphurs and Steve Stroope - "Money Matters in Church." It's a great book with alot of really good biblical wisdom. Alot of it good reminders, other things I just hadn't considered in terms of management and vision casting. But one of the things I've been most impacted by in the past little while is Tim Steven's thoughts on giving:
Remember, it's not about money. It's about people's hearts. One of the only tangible pictures that Jesus left us to figure out the condition of someone's heart is to look at where they invest their money.

Vince Antonucci - worth listening to

Here's a blogger who resonates with my heart. Check him out here.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dr Ellice Hammond - A real HERO

I was deeply moved to real of Ellice's commitment to her daughter, even to the point of death. I pray that God will use her testimony of love, faithfulness and sacrifice to encourage others that true love costs. Ellice, you are one of my heros. Here is her story as told on ninemsn:
A GP who refused high-level chemotherapy, ultimately sacrificing her life to save her unborn daughter, was farewelled by family and friends in Melbourne this afternoon.
Dr Ellice Hammond, 37, lost her battle with Hodgkin's lymphoma on Sunday, three weeks after daughter Mia Ellice was born nine weeks prematurely at the Monash Medical Centre, where she remains in neonatal intensive care, The Herald Sun said.
Dr Hammond was diagnosed in the 22nd week of pregnancy and refused high-level chemotherapy that could have saved her but might have killed Mia, whose induced birth took place on August 20.
At her funeral at the Uniting Church in East Malvern, Dr Hammond's husband, Peter Wojcik, told mourners he would "do everything in my power to be the best father for our lovely daughter Mia. Rest in peace."

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Vision starts in the carpark

I've been reading the book "Simple Church" and have been impacted heavily by the emphasis on "Keeping church simple stupid." I'm committed to growing in this, a commitment to keeping the vision of my life simple, uncluttered. I simply want to be involved in a church that all about "changing lives forever as we lead people who're far from God to Jesus!"
I want to keep a record of this post by Larry Brey, Assimilation Pastor at Elevation Church. It's an absolute cracker!!!
To see how well a church believes in the their vision don’t start with the Pastor or the staff, start with the guy in parking lot or the lady changing diapers in the baby room. Go and ask them, “why do you park cars?” and see what kind of response you get. That’s where you’ll learn how powerful the vision is in a church; how deep does it permeate through the organization. Is the parking guy just as passionate about his role and opportunity as the Lead Pastor? If he is, now you’re onto something, because everyone in the organization is moving in the same spirit with a singular focus. That’s called unity; as a house divided against itself cannot stand.
At Elevation Church, we’re becoming even more passionate about moving forward with a singular vision and here are a few practical things that have been guiding us along the way.
Check the flow – Ask the guy in the parking lot “why do you park cars?” What do you hope to hear from him? At Elevation we want to hear two things: 1) People are coming here today who are far from God and need to be filled with Jesus Christ and 2) My role as a parking guy is a vital link in the chain of people coming to faith in Christ; they connect what they do to the vision with passion and excitement.
Be slow to appoint – The key to having your vision permeate through the organization is directly linked to who you put in your leadership roles. You need to be slow and put in place only those who believe in the vision of your church. Learning the vision is a process and takes time, here’s a simple filter I am beginning to use in communicating the concept:
A. Understanding the vision – Do they clearly understand the guiding
principles behind the vision?
B. Embrace the vision – Do their actions show they understand
the vision?
C. Communicate the vision – Will they speak it to those around them?
D. Defend – Will they correct someone who is speaking contradictorily of
the vision?
Only appoint leaders who have gone through the filter and will defend the vision. Time on the front end will save a mess at best or a mutiny at worse on the backend.
How are you training – Look at your training systems for every area and evaluate how much time you spend teaching the x’s and o’s of how to perform their role and how much time is spent on vision casting? How often do you do retraining? How frequently will they hear the vision? Is the vision communicated as pieces of information or as a compelling call to action that connects people’s hearts with what they do and the vision of the church?
The biggest commodity you have in your church is vision. It needs to be constantly communicated, demonstrated in the leaders, and always defended. The influential capacity of your church will be determined by how deep the vision permeates your organization.

Monday, September 10, 2007

New Series Presses Buttons - God Love Sex - Song of Songs

Well so far our new series at Newlife - God, Love, Sex - Song of Solomon has been off the HOOK!! With so much positive feedback I'm a little shocked, in fact overwhelmed with the encouragement. Singles, marrieds heaps of people coming up after the service to comment that God spoke to them clearly and directly through the Bible Talk.
In fact I'm already getting people asking for a similar series again next year that they can invite friends and family members along to. They reckon it will change their lives forever!!
That's GOLD to a preacher!!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Relationships the core of the gospel

It was great to have Rev Michael Bennett, author of "Christianity Explained" share at our Newlife Mens Breakfast today.
Bennett says, "We need today to move away from confrontational evangelism to didactic evangelism. That is, (away) from the 'quick one-off' approach culminating in a prayer of commitment, which often does not last, to a more teaching (didactic) approach where we seek to teach the saving Gospel to enquirers over a period of time."
Even more simply, stop trying to share Jesus like you would deliver a grenade. Instead, empowered with the love of God for you, invest in the lives of others, loving them, and in this environment share your story, share the gospel.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Steve Erwin, I remember you mate

Steve - "If there is one thing that I Steve Irwin would want to be remembered for is to be remembered for passion and enthusiasm. Conservation is my job, my life, my whole persona."
This week we all stopped and remembered our mate Steve who sadly passed on last year. What can I say but that when it comes to leadership Steve taught me alot. Here's just a few things off the top of my head.
Real leaders have a life mission - "I am a wildlife warrior and I will fight to the death for wildlife."
Real leaders polarise. Some will love you, some hate but you can't be a fence sitter with a real leader, they demand you make a decision.
Real leaders are larger than life, because they aren't content to take the easy traveled road that everyone else is taking
Real leaders are passionate about their mission.
Real leaders connect at the heart level.
Real leaders have their struggles.
Real leaders are all about giving to others not taking.
Real leaders are remembered and missed even when they're moved on.
Real leaders live on in their family. They always do, cause that's the mark of a real leader, fakes can't fake it to people that close.
Steve I take my hat of to you, I miss you, we miss you.

Leading through change

When it comes to leadership I’m kinda like a blue heeler pup. I’m not a Doberman… just your plain standard Aussie working class variety. But like the pups I had when I grew up I’m intensely interested in learning and growing so I can be in the game.
So here’s a great post about leading volunteers through change from the LifeChurch blog.
1) He decides what the goals/vision/changes, etc. are going to be in advance.
2) He starts a series of meetings with groups of people involved. He asks/directs specific questions to the team which are set on a track to lead them to the vision that he has already decided on
3) He confirms what he heard them say (which 95% of the time already aligns with what he has concluded) and then says, let me go and put this together and we will meet again
4) He meets again and reveals to them the plan
Usually he gets 100% team buy-in and ownership because they were all in on the talks. He knows where they need to go, but human nature doesn’t necessarily like to be told.
By the way I reckon like a blue heeler, my bites worse than my bark, I’m intensely loyal and when I latch onto something I don't know when to let go... just ask my wife Nerida she didn't have a hope of not marrying me ;)

Things I've learnt lately...

Had the privilege of attending a training time over the past couple of days. One of the highlights was having Steve Cree come and share "wisdom for ministry." Here are a couple of the things that I learnt (or was reminded of) and want to remember and intentionally apply in my life and leadership.
1. Have one or two close mates who I trust who can speak into my life on a personal level for encouragement and loving accountability. I thank God that I have two great mates who do this. I don't want to burn out, flame out or fade out. I want to finish the fight and go the whole 15 rounds, I want to be in the fight to the end. I want to be there for them too.
2. The need to have someone who is further down the road in church leadership who can speak into my life on the level of leadership. I really need this and it's still something I'm asking God for.
3. The need to be intentional about sharing my life in terms of leadership with other men, peers and those starting out in church leadership.
Gotta go for now, I need to look after my boys for a few minutes. I'll finish these thoughts off later.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday Feedback

Fathers Day at Newlife was huge!
Not only did we have a great time of fellowship but our new series "God, Love, Sex" (Song of Songs) seems to be delivering the message that a whole heap of people (both marrieds and singles) needed to hear from God. To be honest I really wasn't expecting the passionate feedback and response that I got from so many. Married people were enthusiastic and heaps of the single young adults feedback that they'd learnt so much. I was especially encouraged by the comment of one young bloke who said, "I really appreciated Will how you gave us a Jesus framework for relationships without giving us a heap of rules that we somehow think must apply to everyone in every situation."
Can't wait till next week. Bring a friend Newlifers!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Here's some posts worth reading

A week or so back I commented that "everyone needs a coach."
Well I've gotta admit that I have some great coaches, some Pastors who you'd never think of. And every day I get their input, their encouragement and thoughts about ministry and reaching the lost.
Here's a just a couple of the more inspiring and or challenging input that's been running through my mind lately. Check out my coaches here...
Gary Lamb - Be Secure in Your Calling
Vince Antonucci - "From Edward E Nigma to You (with Love)"
Shawn Lovejoy - "Communicating Vision"

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rotten Mice

Woke up early to hear Archie yelling out from his cot...
"Mouse, Mouse!!!"
I jumped up and ran into his room expecting to see a grey rodent somewhere. Instead I found Archie looking out the window of his room pointing and still shouting, "Mouse, Dad, Mouse!!" I hurried over to the window, peered out to where Arch was pointing only to see a cat sitting in our driveway!
I guess you had to be there, but I'm still laughing. And Archie still calls cats... "Mouse, Mouse" when he sees one.
I'm sure the cats are insulted when they hear him shouting these things at them...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Starting Right

I've been getting into Guy Kawasaki's "Art of the Start" and I've been real encouraged by what he has to say to leaders about the importance of constantly refocusing on your vision and keeping it simple, memorable and sharp.
One of the more impactful insights is Guy's thought that if your organisation or church (for want of a better word) is to make an impact it has to be focused on MAKING MEANING. If you can't clearly communicate to anyone in the street why you 'make meaning' then there can be no success and your efforts will never impact or change the world.
The Three Motivations for MAKING MEANING according to Guy are:
1. Increasing the quality of life for people, changing peoples lives for better.
2. Righting a wrong, seeing justice.
3. Preventing the end of something good.
Now that's some food for thought for any church leader.
1. Jesus and His gospel changes peoples lives both now and forever - that's meaningful!
2. Jesus commands us to put our love for others into action... and justice for the poor and defenceless is real important to God!
3. The family of God is the BEST thing ever created by God! So let's see the revolution go to the ends of the earth - there is no stopping Jesus and His Mission!
Seems like Jesus has 'MAKING MEANING' nailed down! I'm with Him!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday WAS huge!

Sunday was fantastic! It was a great time together as both congregations came together at our Springfield Campus. The crew from the international congregation did an awesome job with the music and it was so encouraging to hear Un-sook and Seong give their testimonies and for all of us to be there for their baptisms. All I can say is, 'Thanks God you are awesome!'
Yesterday will be a memory Nerida and I will cherished forever.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Sunday is gonna be HUGE!

Well as think, pray and work towards tomorrow I just can't help but get excited!
God's been so gracious to us at Newlife over the past year and a half since we relaunched in the Springfield Uni. And one of the obvious signs of His work amongst us is the privilege we have to witness the baptism of two dearly loved ‘Newlifers’ tomorrow. YEAH it’s gonna be awesome. I’ll post some piccies later on next week. If you read this before Sunday, make sure you set the alarm extra early so you don’t miss out, and bring a friend!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Now that's there's some HOT Invite Chips

Church planter Tadd Grandstaff and his team at Pine Ridge Church USA have officially turned up the heat when it comes to inviting people to come along to church. I reckon the series sounds HOT and I love the way they're going about inviting their friends, family and contacts along. Check it here, the title of the post is 'All In Poker Chips' and it's listed under 'Teaching Series.' Go for it Tadd!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Speaking of coaching...

I've just been thinking about coaching and it's importance. If you're a church planter then you need all the help you can get... trust me. One of the great things about the internet is that you can get 'input' from Pastors and Church Leaders who are far removed both geographically and positionally. The worlds for the taking, but why not try Rick Warrens Podcasts for a starter, he's got a planters heart.

Everyone needs a coach

Today I spent over 2 hours driving to spend a little over an hour being coached by three Pastors who are way beyond where I am.
Sure it took some time but I know it was time well spent. The three men gave me real guidance, encouragement and direction. And we prayed.
Again I'm reminded that the time spent seeking input like this will return huge returns in my ability to minister to our church and our community.
The question I have is this... who are you allowing to coach you?
Everyone needs a coach... even premiership winning teams, so why the heck do we think we can get by without a coach in the positions we play in?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Broncos... what really counts

With all the hype about the Bronco V Raiders game (Round 24) set for this coming Sunday arvo, I reckon it’s worth noting who’s out injured –
Darren Lockyer (Knee) - Season
Brent Tate (Knee) - Season
Shaun Berrigan (Cheekbone) - Season
David Stagg (Shoulder) - Season
Karmichael Hunt (Hamstring) - Round 25
Greg Eastwood (Knee) - Round 25
Michael Ennis (Shoulder) - Round 25
Ban Hannant (Shoulder) - Round 25
When I read that list and realize how well the Bronco’s have gone over the last few weeks, I reckon win loose or draw Wayne Bennett just further sets himself apart as a coaching legend. Wayne not only attracts the best talent, but he has a way of picking blokes with character. Now that’s just my opinion, but think about it. Think about the men who’ve made up the Bronco’s teams over the years. Can’t really think when the last player was caught up in a serious character scandal… can you?
Take current Bronco Brad Thorn, represented Australia in rugby league, represented New Zealand in rugby union player. In 2000 Thorn was awarded the Australian Sports Medal for his contribution to Australia's international standing in the sport of rugby league. Here’s what Brad had to say to the Courier Mail about leaving the Bronco’s at the end of the year, "Grand finals and that are great, but it's the mateships, playing for each other, that's what it's all about. That's the special thing about football," Thorn said. "The key thing is people, I've got some great mates, a lot of good friends and great experiences. This is my 10th year at the club, to have been away and come back, I feel really privileged to be a part of it."
That sort of attitude wins more than just premierships.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Will Jr makes me laugh

Today I picked Will Jr up from school. As we were driving home through Redbank plains we were shocked to see a traffic jam along the opposite side of Redbank Plains Road as everyone picked their kids up from another school. Little Will smiled as we drove past and commented, "Dad, look at that jam... I'm glad I'm not one of them schoolers."
I know I probably should have kindly corrected his grammar, but I couldn't help it I just laughed and said, "Me too Will, me too. I'm glad I'm not one of them schoolers."
AHHH, I needed that.

Failing Forward

We've all failed right?
Here's some thoughts I keep handy for when I fail...
"Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly." (Robert Kennedy)
"To fail trying is never as bad as the regret that comes from failing to try."
I suppose it also gets down to who we think God is. Do we think God expects perfection and success at everything we try in life? Or do we know the God of the Bible who loves us unconditionally in Jesus and is there cheering us on when we recklessly attempt great things for His glory?
Hmmmm, I wonder...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Don't Miss This Sunday!

Hey I just want everyone to know that this Sunday is going to be OFF THE HOOK! Both Newlife congregations are joining together at our Springfield Campus for our first Combined Celebration Service! With the Internationals bringing the music it would be great BUT more than that... we're ALSO having two adult baptism's at this stage! Anyway if you have a heartbeat and a car be there and join with us as we celebrate everything Jesus has done in and through us over the past six months at Newlife.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Is is Church Day yet?"

I just love the innocent enthusiasm of my boys. One of the recent things to catch me "off guard" is little Will's excitement about going to church. Just about every night he asks us, "Is it Church day tomorrow?" He really loves going to church. Sure the boys have their moments "at church" but on the whole they love the music, they love going to Sunday School and "learning more and more about God." Even the drive to church is exciting with Fergus actually busting to be the first to spot the University building where we meet. He shouts, "there's church Daddy, it's church!"
I pray that they never loose that excitement.
By the way, I love Sunday's too!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Countdown 2 Innovate 07

When I'm driving somewhere for work I find it real helpful to listen to stuff that stretches and grows me. So I subscribe to a number of different podcasts, some sermon stuff (Mark Driscoll etc), some church planting stuff, some leadership/pastoral stuff and I always make some space for innovative church practices. And the best stuff that I have come across is Tim Stevens & Kem Meyer and the Countdown 2 Innovate Podcast. Get into it, Kem is a blast! She ALWAYS makes me laugh!

Time out, time relaxing with my beautiful wife...

Hey huge shout out to Johnno who shouted Nerida and I free tickets to see the John Butler Trio rock the Brissie River Stage last night. The concert was awesome. I really appreciate JB's heart for 'love, peace and unity.' I trust and pray that he meets Jesus. I kinda think JB'd be the sort of bloke Jesus would hand pick if he was calling disciples in Brisbane...
Great night out with my beautiful wife, enjoying her company and nice tunes under the stars. Cool.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Church - What do you see? Part 1.

It's funny isn't it how everyone has an 'idea' about what church should be. People outside the church have views... sometimes negative ones, sometimes sympathetic. People in the church have different views on the church too. And though there's alot of stuff, like structure and cultural appearance that I frankly think God gives us freedom on, here are a few things I reckon are core about how God wants His church to run...
1. God calls people to restored community with Him and others through the gospel - there is no such thing as a lone Christian.
2. The purpose of the church is to serve Christ as He continues His mission of seeking and saving the lost (Matthew 28:18-20) - the church is here for the lost, the disconnected.
3. As the church engages the lost with the gospel, God in His grace saves some - there is no other way to be saved into the church than through Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Springfield Hendersons

I don't know how many times I've had people take the micky out of me when I've told them I'm a pastor from Springfield. Thankfully it's only usually people under 35.
You know the conversation... it goes like this...
"So Will, what do you do for a living?" I reply, "I'm a Pastor, you know a Minister for the Presbyterian Church."
"Oh..." they reply. "What's a Presbyterian?"
I then explain to them that Presbyterians are actually Christians not a cult and then they usually ask, "So where's your Church?"
And I say, "Springfield."
Yeah, I know. I'm the Minister from Springfield, and no I'm nothing like Rev Lovejoy, he's actually the local Anglican...
SO I've decided to embrace myself...
Meet the Henderson's we live in Springfield - REALLY! HA HA.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fergus' Prayer Tip

The other night I was spending some time with the boys before bedtime. After a good time wrestling, in which I was totally beat up, we read God's word together and started praying. I was struck by Fergus' prayer : "Dear God, thank you for this one day. Amen." Now Fergus is 3, but his prayer said alot. Thanks God for THIS ONE DAY. Not full of worried petitions for tomorrow or the future. Just "thanks God for today... that's it. I needed that.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Back from Annual Leave

Well it's great to be back from a few weeks annual leave. We had a refreshing time away, but it's cool to be back with the team. Last Sunday we started a new four week series "Losing my Religion" and we're going to work through the topics, Reaching the Lost, Building one another up, Using our gifts & talents for God & Sending out teams to begin new churches... new churches that will reach the lost, build one another up, use their gifts and talents for God and send out teams to begin new churches... new churches that will (ha I reckon you get the idea, by the way it's not mine it's God's).

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

John's Baptism

As I look back on the past week it was great to be a part of my mate John's journey with Jesus Christ. Fantastic to be involved as he took the step of baptism last Saturday. The Water was a cool 18 degrees, the wind however had a good chill factor, all in all a baptism that will take some forgetting.

Friday, June 8, 2007

The Hendo's 'Rip it up.'

Well it's Friday and as I look back on the past week there were a few sad times but Ned & I truely loved getting in to see 'JET the band' rock the Tivoli. The concert was awesome and the only thing I regret was that Fergus and Will couldn't come... next time boys!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Don't forget to pray for Sam!

As a heap of the Newlife team know Sam West our Student Pastor is on a cross-cultural mission trip up to the Aboriginal community at Normanton. Please keep praying for him and the Scripture Union Students that are on this trip.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

David Jackman hits the nail on the head

"The Spirit of God takes the Word of God to do the Work of God."
Well this week I'm attending the annual Home Missionary conference. So far it has been absolutely tremendous. David Jackman President of The Proclamation Trust has hit the ball for six with his refreshing and potent teaching over the past two days.
Whilst a heap of it is just as I said refreshing the tanks I'm very much aware that if Darren Lockyer needs to go through the pre-season training every year I need to be regularly refreshed and refocused as a Pastor and Teacher of God's Word.
For me the knock out blow yesterday was this comment by Dave that I mentioned above, "The Spirit of God takes the Word of God to do the Work of God."
Hmmm... I think we all could do well to think about the truth of that statement and freedom in our relationship with God that results from it.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gospel Parable "Most"

The gospel parable of the drawbridge operator who terribly has to choose between saving the life of his dearly loved son or a trainload of passengers has been released as a punchy and critically acclaimed short film "Most." Check it out here.
If it is half the film that it is said to be the I reckon it would be powerful for every adult at Newlife to watch it at some time. Why? Well just to simply stop, and be refreshed in the impact of the Gospel. To just sit and again be exposed to the powerful doctrine of Penal Substitution in a way that ordinary Aussies (like me) can understand. My sin matters. Your sin matters. But amazingly... God in His grace and mercy reached out and rescued me by sending His Son Jesus to take the punishment that was coming my way.
Go to the movie and afterwards just sit and spend an hour or so in quiet reflection considering how MUCH MORE more amazing is the commitment of God to saving the Lost. And how truely agonising is the heartbreak of God to give up His dearly loved Son to save the lives of us lost willfully rebelling sinners.
And then prayerfully talking with God and asking him for a refreshment of heart towards Him, His greatness, glory and His passion for the lost.
Let's use gifts like this film to point the Lost to the Living God.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Thanks God for providing

Well it's official... Mothers Day 2007 was tremendous. There were minor hiccups with the morning but that's to be expected with it only being our second time in the new theatre. And despite the fears and anxieties associated with leading the church forward in moving I have to say that it was the right move shifting to the new 180 seat theatre cause there is no way we would have been able to fit the 73 adults and 28 kids God blessed us with where we were. I want to thank God for His generous provision to us. Nerida and I have been praying and trying not to worry about the growing issue of cramped meeting space and just in the nick of time God provided. Thanks God, we really appreciate it.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

My old phones dying... here's what I'm praying for!

Here's the phone I reckon is just amazing. The Samsung Blackjack.

Quad-band GSM, with 64mb RAM and 128mb ROM plus microSD memory slot, the BlackJack manages to pack Bluetooth v2.0, a 1.3-megapixel camera, speakerphone, support for push email and UMTS/HSDPA/EDGE/GPRS data connectivity into a 0.46-inch thick candybar weighing a mere 3.5 ounces.

Well the bible does say something like, "You don't have because you don't ask."

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Mark Driscoll on sharing Jesus with the LOST.

Hey if this clip doesn't challenge you then you need to check your pulse. For me there's something about Jesus and His heart for the lost that just drives me to want to reach out with the good news. Alot of the time I just don't know how to start. Mark's right on the money when he challenges us to just get out, connect and listen to the lost. Give them a chance to share their pain. Listen and just offer Jesus.

By the way I don't know where I read it or heard it but in the past couple of days I stumbled across this, it was so good and pithy it just stuck and it's been plauging me ever since, hopefully sharing it with others will allow me to sleep tonight =)

"God didn't create a mission for the church... He created the Church for His Mission."

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Wednesday Wrap Up @ USQ

Well appart from the usual stuff today...
1. I finally got my offical 'staff' ID card for the University of Southern QLD as a USQ Chaplain, why? Well as Pastor of Newlife Church we have now been generously granted some storage in our new home at level 4, and I need to have access after hours.
2. I got the low down with the USQ staff about our move as Newlife Church up to level 4 this Sunday!
3. Wednesday @ USQ has been interesting for me as it is the day that we aim to hit the USQ for bible study and connection. It's great to be able this year to work more with Phil one of the other Chaplains. Today it was a great time, testimonies, Phil teaching and sharing about the 'Error of Balaam,' and somehow it got onto the current youth culture of EMO's. Now Wikipedia has a heap about Emo's here. One of the most insightful things was this quote;

"Emo music has also been compared to the teen pop of 1990s boy bands."

Now for me as a Pastor willing to admit that I was a Metallica fan of 90's that's REALLY something to be worried about... EMO's getting the same kind of cred as the boy bands of the 90's, it kinda worries me where it's all heading. Hmmmm.

Just as I needed to know the grace and care of God in Jesus as a teenager, it seems nothings changed. Just for your info Nerida wants to add that she wasn't a great Metallica fan (she has a Ph D in pop goes the gospel and backmasking) and she was into SEAL, Alanis Morrisette, Cranberries, Corrs and other popular and sensible bands.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Sam's the Man

Hey everyone just wanna let you all know our student pastor 'Sam the Man' will be giving the bible talk this coming Sunday. Just want to get the word out so you can all pray for him and support him as he gives his second sermon ever. I remember my first couple and that's just it I don't wanna remember them my knees were so shakey. But for all our weaknesses God delights in using us and I for one reckon God not only 'has' but will continue to use Sam to reach many with the good news about Jesus. Go for it Sam - keep your eyes on the prize.

I'll be helping out for what I'm worth with the Sunday's Cool Childrens Ministry so I'm looking forward to downloading his talk of the Newlife website here =)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mark Driscoll's thoughts on Planting Pastors.

Hey this video was pointed out to me by a Pastor friend of mine. It's really worth the time to watch if you are a pastor, it's a reality check. And if you aren't a pastor to be reminded of the sort of things you can pray for your pastor.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Jet clip youtube

Hey all you JET fans out there, Nerida and I (and the CREW) are heading to the TIVOLI for their concert in June... so we thought this clip would get some mouths watering... ENJOY Will and Ned =)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Anzac Day 2007

Today we do well to remember and meditate on that first ANZAC day. And indeed the service and sacrifice of all those who have fought for freedom. There's not much you can do except humbly say 'thank-you' when you read this official account of the first day at below by Australian official correspondent, and later official war historian Charles Bean...

"Gallipoli (One). – The Australians and Maorilanders landed in two bodies, the first being a covering force to seize the ridges around the landing [which took place] about an hour later. The moon that night set about an hour and a half before daylight. This just gave time for the warships and transports of the covering force to steam in and land the troops before dawn.

During the whole of this trying time if one thing cheered the men more than another it was the behaviour of their officers. I saw one officer in charge of a machine gun who one knew for certain must be killed if the fight lasted. His men were crouching under cover of a depression a few inches deep on the brow of the hill. He himself was sitting calmly on top of the rise searching for targets through his glasses. Presently three or four salvoes of shrapnel burst right over that group, ending with a round of common shell with its terrifying flash and scatter of loose earth. A shout came from somewhere in the rear, "Pass the word to retire!" The officer turned round. "Where does that order come from?" he asked, sharply. "Passed up from the rear, sir," was the answer. "Well, pass back and find out who gave it," said the officer. "Yes, who says retire?" said several of the men. This was done, and next moment the order came up, "Line to advance and entrench on forward slope of the hill." There was a moment’s delay in gathering up rifles, and then over the hill they went, Dusk was just falling, and the enemy’s battery happened at that moment to switch off in order to fire a few last salvoes towards the beach. The officer in question was there at his post next morning, when it became necessary to send a man down the hill on some business. Before the man had gone 20 yards he was wounded. The officer walked down the hill at once to pick him up. Within a couple of seconds the Turks had a machine gun trained on him and he fell, riddled with bullets. Australia has lost many of her best officers in this way. The toll has been really heavy, but the British theory is that you cannot lead men from the rear, at any rate, in an attack of this sort. It would be absurd to pretend that the life of an officer like that one was wasted. No-one knows how long his example will live on amongst men. There were others, whom I will mention later on when the casualties have all reached Australia, who died fighting like tigers, some who fully knew they would die. One was sometimes inclined to think this sort of leading useless, but none who heard the men talking next day could doubt its value. "By God! Our officers were splendid," one Australian told me. Where I went I heard the same opinion expressed."

For the full report click here.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Equipping Members to be Inviters

Here's a great post from, I've popped the article below as in the past such links go 'offline' all too soon.
Equipping Members to be Inviters
The best form of advertising a church can have is word-of-mouth. Studies have shown that many unchurched people would visit a church if a close friend or family member invited them. The question then, is how can you help your church members to issue invitations effectively and in a way that they feel comfortable?
Since most people just don’t know where to start, Outreach provides churches with the tools that will equip their members to give an invitation easily and naturally. These tools include:
Direct Mail ImpactCardsWhen your church conducts a direct mail campaign, include your members in the excitement by equipping them with cards of their own. Slip a couple of the printed pieces in your worship bulletin and invite your members to use it as a hand-delivered invitation to friends or family. This will give your direct mailing an extra personal touch.
Business card-sized InviteCardsIt’s so easy to keep business cards on hand. That’s why these perfectly sized cards are such a great communication tool. Members can keep a few in their purses or wallets and use them as a personal invitation. Each InviteCard should include a map to your church, service times and reference to your website, if you have one.
DoorHangersWhat a great way to welcome new people to the neighborhood! Keep your information table stocked with personalized Doorhangers. Members can use these to welcome new neighbors or to blanket new housing tracks. The DoorHanger should also include a map and any other information that a newcomer needs to find your church.
Outreach Gift BooksA gift books is a powerful way to begin a dialog about spiritual issues and Outreach offers a variety of low-cost books that your member will love giving their friends and family. Stock up and encourage members to keep a supply on hand.
The communication tools are a non-threatening way to invite friends, family and neighbors to church, and for them to feel more confident in the process. For the potential visitor, these tools offer a clear picture of the church, its ministries, its locations, and help circumvent barriers that keep people from deciding to attend.
Another potential point of entry into the church is through small group or home group studies. Leaders and members of these groups, equipped with InviteCards about the small group, can pass out invitations to their friends, family and co-workers asking them to attend the study, where relationships are more easily formed than in corporate worship on Sunday.
The most valuable asset of any church is its members, and by empowering them with the tools to reach out, you give them the privilege of expanding the kingdom and growing their own faith.

Friday, April 20, 2007

who is this JESUS?

Jesus, well we've all got opinions...

BUT there is no getting around the fact that this JESUS changed history forever. This Sunday we take the time to check out what HE really did that makes a difference for us all. Don't miss out on praying and inviting a friend or family to join us this sunday... it might just change their life forever... hmmmm.

Happy Birthday Mary

Hey a big shout out to my AWESOME sister Mary!

Happy Birthday to you! It's a big kicker to hit the three O! But hang in there...

I know that distance is a barrier but I want to let you know that we Aussies Love Ya Mezzo! We reckon you're an awesome Sister, Aunty, Friend, housemate,, a REAL Rock-stars wife and much, much more HEY...
Hey we wish you were here but we know that God has awesome plans for you THERE!

Love the Henderson's YEEAAAAHH =)

Brisbane - Rain thanks for trying

Tonight there was about 20 'spits' of rain on the roof. I nearly broke down and cried. It was so great to know that rain still could happen in Brissie and for that matter South East QLD. I'm still praying that we'll get some GOOD heavy rains soon.

Get to JET in Brissie in June!

Hey since the 'Henderson Clan' are all about unashamedly plugging the best on the NET can I and Fergus make sure that no one misses out on JET's upcoming concert in Brissie on June the 3rd (sold out) and 4th tickets here. These guys absolutely rock and I'm glad that Queenslanders will have their chance to engage with arguably the best modern rock band... JET check them out here.
Nothing more to say.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Is '300' worth seeing?

On annual leave I had the time to go and watch the recent release blockbuster '300' (by myself) and I personally thought it was great. From a blokes perspective I enjoy 'bloke' flicks every now and again, you know the ones I mean, 'Braveheart' and 'Gladiator' are just a couple (My main staple at the moment is Shrek 1, 2 and God willing 3).

On '300' I have to say though that I definately would NOT recommend anyone underage going as it is very violent etc but overall I feel that the storyline is powerful and has real depth in speaking to our generation about values, discipline and courage to stand firm till the end. Hmmm Jesus had a bit to say about those very issues to His disciples in Matthew 24:9-14.

Thinking about pop culture and the gospel for what it's worth I just so happened to trip over this interesting article regarding the movie '300' by the Sydney Anglicans - check it out here. Also if you are interested in wrestling with the question, "Can we use pop culture to reach our community with the gospel?" check out this paper by Christianity Today.


My parent college the Queensland Theological College in conjunction with their Year of Excellence is keen to encourage as many people as possible to attend Dr Don Carson's Friday Night Lecture at Creek Rd Presbyterian Church on Friday May 11th. So keen that they've decided to reduce the admission cost to zero! This is great news for members of our congregation who may have been hesitant to come along. REFUNDS WILL BE AVAILABLE ON THE NIGHT for those who have already registered and paid. Donations will be welcome to assist us in covering costs.

Registering for the night is still required, to assist the college with catering.
To book please phone the Queensland Theological College on 3871 9347.

By the way...

If you're new to this and you'd like to check out my previous posts, they can be seen at our old cyber home here.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Henderson's New Home

Hey there, as you can see the Henderson's have settled in to their new Cyber-space home. Hope you enjoy the new place and let your friends know we've moved here.