Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kingdom Minded Wisdom

Craig Groeschel has summed up what it means to be a Godly leader who is kingdom minded. Craig says,
Celebrate Other’s Successes
Someone said…
When your ministry is small, people ignore you.
When your ministry is growing, people are jealous of you.
When your ministry is large, people hate you.
As Kingdom-Minded Leaders, we should be the exact opposite.
When someone’s ministry is small, we should invest in them.
When someone’s ministry is growing, we help them continue to grow.
When someone’s ministry is large, we should celebrate what God is doing.

Let’s get practical. How can we show our Kingdom heart in our cities?
* When someone moves into a new building or opens a new campus or ministry, we can send them a note or flowers to celebrate.
* When another ministry gets good publicity in the media, we can email and congratulate them.
* When someone is raising money for a building, we can send them an offering.
* When a pastor in town writes a book, we can give them a good review on Amazon.
* When another church hires one of our staff members, we can speak well of the church and bless our staff to go.
* Rather than feeling threatened by the church plant down the street, we can pray for them, send them an offering, or invite our people to go help.
* When a ministry becomes more outwardly successful, we can sincerely thank God for what He’s doing.

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