Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Gems Stumbled Upon

Every now and again I reckon it's worth just sharing some of the 'gems' that I've discovered. Here are just a couple found of late...
First Gary Lamb shared with us "10 things I wish I had known..."
Then Jimmy Britt responded with a punchy little post simply entitled "My Ten Things..."
Then I stumbled upon David Zimmerman's "A Visitor's Prespective."
Then there's Steven Furtick's comments on why Elevation is a church committed to a culture of honor. Hmmm, my guess is it's just part of the reason Elevation just made it to number 23 on this list.
Again, talking about Steve, in this post he reminded me of something that my old Pastor Rev Roland Sondergeld said to me... "Be a big boy, eat the fish and leave the bones." Good reminder, and one of the reasons I dig reading what Steve writes.
Finally, I've come to really appreciate the thoughts of Vince Antonucci. One of his thought starters for me was this post on visitors in the Church.

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