Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Perry Noble's thoughts on Pastor's Pain

One of the Pastors I like to read on out there every now and agian in the wonderful world of the "world wide web" is Perry Noble. Perry's just put up a terrific post called “The Pastor’s Pain” in which he gives the inside scoop on what it’s like to be a pastor. Hmmm I don't like pain...

He talks about the “three pains” of a pastor:

1) The pain from loneliness

2) The pain from criticism

3) The pain from unrealistic expectations

Hey this is just something that I think is worth reading!

Read it and then go love on your pastor!

Hey... I'll accept all loving that's coming my way. Encouragement and fuel from others is great, we all need it, but above all I cherish the immeasurable love that God gives me in His Son Jesus!!!

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Lyn said...

Thanks for this link Will.
The book "Pastor Pain" was mentioned at our church last night so I Googled the title and came up with your blog.
Lyn Kally
Christian Destiny Church