Monday, May 31, 2010

Hearing for the first time

This is absolutely one of the best 'ahhaah moments' I've seen for a while. It's a clip of eight month old Jonathan as they fire up his cochlear implant and he hears his first sounds, specifically his Mum welcoming him. Hey men it's okay if you have a slight urge to squint and wipe some dust out of your eye when Jon's dummy literally drops out of his mouth. I love the significance of this moment. Fantastic.

Dragons are smokin in 2010

I love the National Rugby League table right now. St George Dragons are sitting pretty on the top of the table and though it is a long way to the final, I love the way the Dragons have matured under the steady hand of Master Coach Wayne Bennett. After a disappointing five years under Nathan Brown it's been great to see how Wayne has been able to coach the Dragons to a minor premiership in his first year (2009) and with just two losses this year I hope they go all the way. I love the Red and White.

The fact that my mate Ian White's team the Manly Sea Eagles are tracking a close second only makes the winter that much more fun. Go the Sunday arvo footie.

Engage City Church | Recycle 2010

This past Saturday Engage City Church cycled their way into history smashing the competition and winning the title of support raising champions for the Leprosy Missions ReCycle 2010. With all funds going to help people with leprosy, I’m so stinking proud and excited of the Engage Team.
You guys and gals ROCK!

Engage City Church ReCycle 2010 from Will Henderson on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pre Launch Coaching with David Putman

Planting? Thinking of planting? Thinking of revitalizing an old work?
Well make sure that you get in on Pastor David Putman's Pre-Launch Tele-Coaching Network. In this coaching network you will discover how to achieve eight major milestones for launching a healthy missional church.

This Tele-Coaching Network is designed around David Putman’s resource Launching Large: Milestones for Planting a Church.
Milestone # 1: Preparation…Am I ready?
Milestone # 2: Context…Do I have the place?
Milestone #3: Resources…Do I have enough money?
Milestone #4: Team…Do I have the people?
Milestone #5: Vision…Do I have the plan?
Milestone # 6: Cultivate…Have I networked my community
Milestone #7: Launch…Am I ready to go public?
Milestone #8: Connect…Am I ready make disciples?

I can personally vouch for Pastor David's love for Christ and His Church. I spent twelve months being coached and prepared to plant Engage City Church under David and it was time very well spent. Preparation is crucial. More information? Click here.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Fan - New series begins this Sunday

Hey, join us this Sunday as we kick off a new series "The Fan". Over the next few weeks we'll be laying the foundation for what Engage City Church is on about. As a new church we exist to see people far from God engaged with Jesus and the life He offers. We exist to see people become followers of Jesus. The dictionary says that a fan is "an enthusiastic follower." We exist to see people become raving fans of Jesus Christ.

The Fan from Will Henderson on Vimeo.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hospitality - the power

Today we're so busy running here, there and everywhere I think we miss out on the power of simply slowing down. Slowing down and clearing our schedule to relax and meet with some good friends and enjoying a good meal together. I'm always blown away by the life change that I desperately pray for and desire in my own life most often comes over a meal with friends who I know love me. Similarly, the way Jesus most often uses me isn't through well planned 'classes', conferences, tracts... but from simply offering and sharing my life, my space, my food and the gospel with someone someone who is far from God. Jesus uses this simple offering, this simple environment and repeatedly engages and impacts people with His love and life. Worth reminding myself and Engage City Church about :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Am I a church planter?

"Every young man that considers church planting asks the question, Am I a Church Planter? It is the question I asked myself before planting a church. It is the question we ask every man who submits himself to our Acts 29 assessment process to be a lead planter in our network. Many times he is depending on our assessment process to confirm his calling. "
Scott Thomas on this subject...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Good News - God will call the game

This Sunday as we hit part three of our new series, The Gospel, we'll be journeying through the history of Israel from the time of King David. Sadly the kingship of Dave was really the high point of Israel's monarchy. After David died Israel as a nation slipped and slid into division, rebellion, exile and devastation. This Sunday we're going to see that God cares so much for His people that when we rebel He remains faithful and commits to disciplining us to bring us back from our path to self destruction.

Discipline. I don't think it's ever been a word or concept that's ever been real popular. Discipline rubs us up the wrong way. Discipline implies that we're in the wrong and we need another's correction to bring us back on track. Discipline is not popular but it is the loving thing to do when a loved one is engaging in self destructive behavior. I thank God that He not only lovingly disciplines when necessary but that Jesus has given us His Spirit that we might embrace His leadership and actually change and grow!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Planters - Be Clear About the Vision

Planter? Replant Pastor? Leader? You must be clear about the vision and your core commitments that flow from it. To be unclear or uncommitted to the vision you fail as a leader. At Engage City Church we are committed to seeing people far from God engaged with Jesus and the life He offers. That is our vision. And our core commitments that flow from this are to continually; Gather, Grow and Go for Jesus.

Being clear about the vision keeps us on track as we follow Jesus.
Being clear about the vision allows our church to say yes to some people and plans and no to others that would ultimately sidetrack us off following and serving Jesus and His gospel work.
Being clear about the vision allows us to clear in our direction and flexible in how we pursue it at the same time.

Dana's Journey

I’m totally blown away by the ongoing impact that people can have when they love each other with the love of Jesus. This past Sunday was fantastic as we continued our ‘Gospel’ series and celebrated Mothers Day. It was great honoring both our ’spiritual’ and ‘biological’ mums. I can’t stop myself laughing as I think about the way Ian spilt all the Ferrero Rochers, I’m sure there were a few blokes who stashed a few :)

Rachel, Ian and Jess did a great job with the music and introduced a new song. A real highlight was the thoughts that Dana shared about the way God has ministered to her at Engage City Church, here is the clip if you’re interested…

Dana's Journey | Engage City Church from Will Henderson on Vimeo.