Thursday, November 22, 2007

christmas Presents 3

Hey I know this is supposed to be presents for Newlifer's...

But I just couldn't go past this shout out to Matt Smallbone, Bass man, Alabaster Box!!

Hey Matt if I was a slum lord and was really, really rich... the first thing I'd do would be buy you a classic rickenbacker bass like this. You deserve it mate!!!

cheers, Matt, it's the thought that counts, ;)

Christmas Presents 2

Hey... what do you get your wife when she has everything?

That's a very good question... and it's been giving me some grief over the past few weeks as I think and ponder just what to buy my awesome wife this Christmas.

And I think I've finally found something. It's the Holden VE Series Maloo Ute!!!

I know she'd look fantastic dropping kids off to school in this... yeah it's got her name written all over it. Now I've just got to come up with the spare 60 G's. Oh well it's the thought that counts!!

Pastors raise good Pirates!!

I've been praying for years that my boys will grow up to love, follow and know Jesus as their God and friend. And I'm overjoyed to see the work that God is doing in their little hearts. Teaching and softening them to love others, it truely is a joy to see the growth in these little men.

BUT I was a little shocked to see that lately there's been a subtle shift towards wanting to be a Pirate when they grow up!!! I don't know where that's come from!!

Oh well, I must confess I desperately wanted to be a Pirate with a RED beard and an eye patch when I was their age... sadly it was THE dream that slipped through my fingers... darn it... haharRRR!

I did manage to get my second preference...

Church Leadership... an inside peek.

Here's a couple of thought starters for everyone who's thinking about church leadership. I really appreciate Bill Hybels article, take the time to read it and pray for your pastor/s.

Also the late Leadership Guru Peter Drucker made this comment when asked about the most demanding leadership positions... and not necessarily in order, are the president of the United States, a university president, a CEO of a hospital and ... a pastor.

Lucky I don't live in the States... ;)

Thanks to Tony McCollum for the 'heads up'!

Monday, November 19, 2007

What I'd get Westie for Christmas if I was rich!

Hey, with Christmas just around the corner... I've been thinking about the presents that I have to buy. For some people it's easy, for others it's more difficult. Over the next few weeks I'm going to share a few of the presents I'd buy for people who've been serving at Newlife Church this year IF I was a filthy rich slum lord, property developer or media mogul - ha ;)
Here's what I'd buy Sam West... it's the thought that counts!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Here's a church worth checking out... METRO on the Gold Coast

Nerida and I've been visiting a number of churches over the past year (in our time off) and we're yet to visit a church that has it down like METRO when it comes to reaching those who're disconected from God.

In a way the Pastors, Garry & Kasey Mac are old contacts... my sister really grew under Gary's ministry (hey yeah!!!) at Surfcity!! Anyway tonight I want to encourage everyone, if you're having a holiday at the GOLDIE and want a church to drop in on after you've finshed shopping on Sunday arvo then check out METRO.

Matt Smallbone dishes up the dirt on Alabaster Box

Hey, I'm right up front when it comes to supporting Alabaster Box, they are HUGE!!

And for those who're interested, here's a great article on the net where Matt Smallbone (did I tell you Matt's my Bro-in law?) dishes up the dirt on what is that make AB GREAT!!!

Tomorrow we have Bill Lutton sharing

Hey tomorrow at our international congregation we have the Rev Bill Lutton coming to share with us!!

Make sure you come along as Bill shares with us from the Word of God.

For everyone who's coming to our Springfield congregation... I'll be teaching from Proverbs 1-9. Great stuff, wisdom that will change your life!!

What is it about Leadership...?

What is it about the Aussie bloke (and ladies) that has so infected us that we are so inclined to reject the leadership that God places over us?

I have been pondering and thinking over this alot myself lately and I reckon it's got alot to do with the foundational culture of Australia, you know, we're a bunch of convicts and free living immigrants who hate anyone telling us what to do. Our grandads and grandmas didn't come to this GREAT land to find political freedom. No, they came to make a fresh start, a fresh go of things. AND that coupled with our love of rum which led to the 'rum rebellion' and the installation of 'flogging pastors' because no one else would take on the job of disciplining us 'mongrels' I reckon has made us Aussies a tough bunch of characters to deal with when it comes to relating to 'God' and all that. Anyway, the heart of the matter is people love to reject God and we'll find any excuse, and that's that!

Apart from all that, here's a great post from Shawn Lovejoy, lead pastor of Mountain Lake Church, USA regarding LEADERSHIP and God's perspective. I really appreciate his thoughts... what do you think?

Friday, November 2, 2007

Update on the Church in the Pub...

I've been following Vince Antonucci's Blog for a while now and I've been really engaged and encouraged by his work at reaching out via a church meeting held on a Tuesday night at the 'White Horse Pub.' Check out
It was interesting to read the article in the local paper about the service and even more interesting to read the comments posted, you can check out the article and the comments here.
I reckon this would really work here in Australia...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fergus loves Wooly Rhino's

A little boy I know absolutely loves Wooly Rhino's!!! So much infact that I call him 'the Wooly Rhino'... and He is the most dangerous one there is!! Watch out if he is disturbed eating. I'm so glad I'm not an Ice Age Hunter ;-)

Hey in case you didn't know...

I love and adore my beautiful bride... Nerida you are the love of my life!!!

steve's hitting in the middle of the bat...

Steven Has a bit to say about hearing from God. Hey if what the we think the Holy Spirit is saying isn't lining up with the word of God in the bible... ignore it... but if it is, then you'd better listen. Hmmmm, serious ramifications...