Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday's Done

Well another HUGE day at the 'LAKE.'
It all starts at 4.50am. Get up, bite to eat and drive over to the West Forsyth Campus for 5.30am start for set up.
Now the people who volunteer to do this are the real deal!! So without throwing down all the names (cause I'm sure to miss someone) - All I can say is you guys and gals ROCK!!
Then I head home at around 7am ish to have another bite to eat, have a cuppa and get ready for the Sunday services. Back for 8.30am to set up for car parking for the two morning services.
Then after that we break down till around 1pm ish.
Then I head home for lunch.
Today's BIG mistake - I had a sleep for 30 minutes today and I woke up feeling like my chest was wound up and going to cave in. I won't do the Sunday nap thing again!!
Then 3.30pm over to the two arvo services at the North Campus.
Home by 6.30pm ish.
A Big Day but AWESOME to be a part of what God is doing here in Georgia!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Revolution Church Holly Springs Campus Visit.

What is it that sets growing churches APART from the 1000’s that are closing down every year? That’s a question that Nerida and I set out to find some answers to this morning. We jumped in the “Red Rocket” with the boys and drove over to Holly Springs CANTON to check out Revolution Church’s brand new Holly Springs Campus which officially launches Next Sunday the 7th of September (9.30 & 11am).

Well as we drove home these are the things we noticed that were different:
• Preston and Laney went out of their way to meet, welcome, answer our questions and help us. This couple are awesome and Nerida and I were really blown away by their willingness to make us feel comfortable. Nerida commented that even the simple thing of offering us some bottles of cold water for the trip home shows what’s going on in this church.
• Revolution Church, the people, really are laser focused on reaching people who are far from God. We heard them say this at least four times. We saw them working hard to make next Sunday happen.
• And we had the privilege of seeing the awesome building they are refurbishing before it all launches next Sunday. Things that were different – the two entrances one for kids to check in (kids are not allowed in the service because it’s geared towards communicating to adults) and one for adults that leads through a neat foyer into the main auditorium.
• The amount of room and resources put into Kids Ministry is huge!! It looks great now I guess it will only be awesome next Sunday.
• The main auditorium has a great feel, with black and grey (maybe some red) as the colors of choice.
Can’t wait to see it all come together on Sunday the 7th of September!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Prayer, Numbers, Systems, Work Hard & Faith - PART TWO

A couple of days ago I threw down a few of the core facts from God's word that drive Nerida and I forward as we seek to follow Jesus. God makes it clear that it is through the proclamation of the truth about Jesus Christ that people become aware of their sin/rebellion, confess it and become born again into God's family. To this end I believe God has chosen to use people who know Jesus to reach others as they live and intentionally seek to share the truth of Jesus.

I also believe that this is the calling of every follower of Jesus, to seek to share the truth of Jesus with others so they too can enter into the new life He offers.
I believe this is also the calling of the 'church.' The church exists to share the truth of Jesus with the world which is far from God. This happens when believers gather 'corporately' together to encourage one another in Jesus and 'seperately' as believers scatter into the community with the 'truth of Jesus' (also called the 'gospel').

Because of these facts from God's word I believe it is God's will for His people to focus on sharing the truth about Jesus with others.
1. The 'gospel' saves those who are far from God.
2. The 'gospel' is ALSO the source of power for believers to live for God.

The 'gospel' is then CORE to both individual believers and the 'church.'

These truths above will never change. True followers of Jesus will always seek to share the gospel with others. The true church will always be about encouraging and challenging people with the gospel. That is why I beleive that pastors and leaders in the church are responsible for seeing that the church focuses on sharing Jesus with the goal of seeing lives changed and growing. It matters. It is my calling.

Because the truth of Jesus matters, we should seek to share it, we should be passionate about lives being changed. Next time I will seek to break this all down further.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mark Clement & 2009

Hey Nerida and I had a great time catching up over lunch with our mate Mark Clement. Mark has worked as church planter, worship leader, he's raised 3 beautiful kids with his wife and has also founded Big Picture Media Group, a company that specialises in media work for churches. Anyway Mark's leading the preparation for the conference and 2009 is going to blow the doors!! Literally. With attendance capped this year next February's get together is sure to be sold out. With planters and leaders sharing like :
Ed Stetzer
Bob Roberts
Nelson Searcy
Shawn Lovejoy &
Troy Gramling 2009 is one not to be missed if you have a heart for sharing the truth of Jesus... in todays world!!
This Aussie boy is stoked about it!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some more Fergus-isms!!

Fergus is loving the South.
He is having trouble with the accent though.
The other day he was in kids church when the lady teacher said,
"Does anyone want to go pottie" (as in go to the toilet/bathroom).
Well Fergus thought she said, "Does anyone want to go PARTY?"
So naturally Fergus screamed - "Yeah, yeah!! I wanna go party!!!"
The lady thought he said "pottie" and needless to say they were both extremely disappointed when they arrived in the bathroom... LOL
That boy is a crack up. He keeps me soft.

Another Fergus-ism... instead of saying "YES Ma'mam!" He's gotten confused and says, "YES MAN!!" NErida and I don't think the Southern Ladies can tell the difference yet, but it sure cracks us up!! We're trying to explain to him the difference between a Ma'mam and a Man... it's not that easy with a little Weedlet.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pledge of Allegiance

Hey if I look tired - it's because I am!!
My eldest son, Will Jr, has just started his second week of school in Georgia. He is absolutely loving it and is finding it quite an adventure learning heaps of new things and making many new friends.
When I asked him what he liked the most about school... he said, "Everything Dad, everything Dad!" I was a little stumped and said, "Really?" He looked at me for a second and said, "Well Dad I miss my friends, but I'm making new ones, but there is one things though that's weird... Dad why do we have to stare at the flag?"
I burst out laughing. I couldn't help it, I just had a mental picture of Will standing confused and berwildered there in class each morning as all the other kids put their hands on their hearts reciting the 'Pledge of Allegiance.'
Anyway it's a great opportunity to teach him about loyalty, respect, commitment and most of all how God is the only High King over men, whether we choose to achnowledge that or not. He raises up leaders and governments for His purposes and by His grace to provide governance for the people and to punish the wicked.
It's also a great opportunity to teach my boy that from time to time God can and will use 'Presbyterians', even Presbyterian Ministers!!
For all our Aussie mates out there - here's the pledge...
"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."
It should be recited by standing at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. When not in uniform men should remove any non-religious headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart. Persons in uniform should remain silent, face the flag, and render the military salute.
Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 4, US Code,

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Prayer, Numbers, Systems, Work Hard & Faith - PART ONE

This week I've begun to shake down a few key issues related to doing what it takes to lead a Jesus centered church. That is a community of believers who are committed to following Jesus as He leads us to people to whom we give our love, our lives and share with them the truth about our Lord.
Fact One - Jesus loves people. And He has determined that it is His church that will undertake and complete His Mission of salvation with and for Him (Ephesians 3:7-12).
Fact Two - Jesus has determined that it is through the communication of the truth about Him (His Godhead, Life, Death and Resurrection) that we can become aware and confess our brokenness and our need for forgiveness... before we can enter into His eternal Kingdom of life (1 Corinthians 15:3-8).
Fact Three - The Holy Spirit (the Spirit of Jesus) in His Eternal Wisdom has determined that some followers are given the specific gift of leadership.
Fact Four - Christ's love for us compels us to reach out and tell others the truth about Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:14-15).
Fact Five - Our Competence to undertake this Ministry comes FROM God through Jesus (2 Corinthians 3:4-6).
Fact Six - God's grace through Jesus not only qualifies, equips and compels me, it drives me to engage and work at sharing the truth of Jesus in culturally relevant ways with others... (1 Corinthians 15:10-11 & 9:19-23)
Fact Seven - All of this knowing that God's Grace and my work for Jesus is never in vain and, god willing, so some might also be saved (1 Corinthians 9:19-23 & 15:58).
Later this Week I will share a little of how I see all this Truth practically 'happening' in a western church plant.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Night Debrief

It was another awesome day at Mountain Lake Church, here's some of the thoughts that are running around in my mind at the moment...
* Today's Take Away for me from Ephesians 5... Just as Jesus LEFT His perfect relationship with His Heavenly Father to LAY DOWN His life for His bride, the church, of which I am a part... God wants to work through my life for me to do the same for my wife, that the world might be impacted by His love in our marriage. That's deep mate, that's POWERFUL LIFE CHANGING STUFF!! I love my wife so much, I know that's easy to say but as we work through the Marriage Project series God has really given me a clear insight as to depth of Jesus' love for me AND as I consider His love and then think of how my wife loves me... well all I can say is I'm blown away by her love more and more each day. Jesus really does turn lives upside down and inside out - AWESOME. That's the power of the gospel!!
* My boys are so crazy!! Fergus has been coming out with some mind boggling stuff lately, like - "God makes me want to play the Nintendo... & God makes me so thirsty..." What's with that? Fergus is only 4 and he's theologising in way that FREAKS Nerida and I out!!
* My Sister and her 3 kids traveled down from Nashville to visit us for the weekend. Mary is so cool, I am so proud of her and Matt, the way they're sold out to living for Jesus. I pray I can be as willing as them to follow Him where He calls our family to plant this new church He's placed in our hearts.
* I GOT PULLED OVER BY THE POLICE AGAIN THIS MORNING!! I's arrived at the West Campus (a High School) at 5.20am this morning, it was dark and I was early, and I was driving slowly in the car park when I had the blue lights flashing behind me again!! Anyway try telling a Cop that the reason you're driving slowly around a High School Car Park in the dark is because you're an Aussie Church Planter doing an internship at a Church in Georgia, and you're there to help set up for church... and the reason that there's no one else around is because you're early... YEP he didn't believe me. I thanked God that Chad one of the Pastors eventually came over and bailed me out!!
* Enough Said, time to get home and love on my wife and family!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shoutout to Shadowplay

A couple of months ago Matthew and Katie put together a video for us as we prepared to move from Brisbane Queensland Australia over to Cumming Georgia USA. The video was awesome and now I'd just like to shout out to all my Aussie mates and peeps their new website for their business Shadowplay Photography & Video.
Check Matthew and Katie's work out at
Their Shadowplay Blog is also awesome and it even has some cool pictures of my four Sisters here.
Matthew and Katie - love you guys!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Will's first week at School

Will is absolutely loving going to Coal Mountain Elementary School. His summary of his first day was - EXCELLENT Dad!! When asked why he said, "Well for lunch we all went to the cafeteria and I got to choose between Country Fried Steak and Chicken Nuggets!!" And on Tuesday he was disappointed he couldn't have both soft tacos and pizza... Isn't it awesome to have the choice!!
It is fantastic to see the way God has and is pouring out His abundant blessings on us as a family. We are so thankful that Will is loving his new School, it is such a relief to Nerida and I.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Morning Download

Well since Thursday alot has happened.
Thursday night I actually had a run in with the local Law Enforcement. I went down to the Church Office to send some emails at 9.30pm... I put in the pin, opened the door and the alarm unexpectedly went off!! I rang Marie and got the code to turn it off and it seems that the afternoon storm must have flipped the arming time forward from 11pm. Anyway, all was cool until about 10 minutes later I felt a light shine in on me through the office window, and a voice said, "Please stand up and slowly move outside." So I did, really really slowly - I don't want to die for sending an email!! Anyway once I got outside there was this police woman who put me through the drill. Anyway happy to say I'm not bloggin from Jail!!
Friday we did some essential shopping - Fireant killer, new car tyres, Will's School supplies and we had Hotdogs for lunch.
Saturday we relaxed, got some videos out.
Sunday got up at 4.30 to be at Church 'setup' at 5.30am. It was good to get in and help get things sorted for our new series launch - "The Marriage Project." Shawn is working through Ephesians 5:22-33 over five weeks. 2000+ attendance at the six services. Great to be a part of it all and to be able to encourage the volunteers that they are making a difference in reaching and impacting people with the truth of Jesus. We all slept well.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hendersons have a New Car!!!

Yesterday (Wednesday) I had the pleasure of traveling from Atlanta Georgia to Birmingham Alabama with Mark Clement. Mark is the founder and President | CEO of Big Picture Media Group which specializes in creating original media content (video, web, print) for churches and faith based organizations as well as corporate America. Little did I know that Mark has years (15) as a pastor many of which were spent on teams planting churches throughout America. Sitting with Mark in the car it didn't take long for me to hear his heart beating loud still for reaching the lost and the importance of establishing new churches that will take the eternal message of Jesus into ever changing cultures.

Anyway the purpose of the trip was simple. Mark and his family have generously given us one of their cars to use for the time while we're preparing to plant. Nerida and I can't really say how we feel. We're overwhelmed with thankfulness and inspired to see the generosity of Jesus grip us like the way it has the Clement's.

Thanks Mark!! You have hugely impacted this Aussie boy and his family and are playing a key role in God willing this part of Jesus' kingdom work. I look forward to sharing the journey with you!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

First Day on the 'JOB'

It's been great to turn up today and be totally excited!
Sure there are some things to sort out in terms of administration etc (social security no's and other stuff) but being in another country and culture makes even these things exciting.
Key Reminder :
Today I take away again the fact that communicating and sharing Jesus' mission to reach those who don't know Him can never happen enough. And the communication isn't just from the stage, in fact it can't just be from the stage it has to be my life touching the lives of others, especially those who're on the team. There is nothing more important than FIRST me taking the time to STOP and realign myself as to what I'm here to do. And then SECOND me intentionally taking the time to recommunicate Jesus' mission with others. Encouraging, reminding, etc. even sharing it with them the very first time. I need to do this more, and be intentional about cultivating it in my life. I want Jesus' mission to be something that I don't even have to think about, I want it to be a part of me in everything I do and say.
Nerida has been trying to sort out mobile phones and has also taken little Will to an interview at the local school. So she has been super busy too.
Tomorrow I get to go to Birmingham and pick up our car for the year. Talk about jumping in the DEEP end. Hope I make it home!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday at Mountain Lake Church

Today the Henderson family walked to the 9.30am service. How's that? We can walk to church. We were a little nervous but yet again the people made us feel very welcome. We checked the boys into their Sunday environments and not one turned back to say goodbye... wow!! The music was great, modern with a focus on Christ. David delivered the message and "tore it up." It was right on with the message that Jesus wants His Party full, but it's the religious who reject His invitation while the poor and broken grasp it with two hands. Good Jesus centered challenge and encouragement for us to be the Church and reach out to the people God has placed around us inviting them to meet Jesus and join us as we follow Him. We picked up the boys and literally had to evict them they were having so much fun!!
THEN On the way home we discovered a nest with 3 little birds in it, the boys loved it!! It's been a very special Sunday.

Cougars, Fireants, Harleys and other new stuff

Well it's been a blast the last few days. A couple of things we've leart :
Nerida is a Cougar - that's what they call it when the wife is older than her husband.
I'll have to watch out or I just might get scratched!!!!
There are Fireants all over our back yard. We thought that it might be out of the ordinary, but NO there are nests everywhere!! Awesome!!
Fergus is Harley obsessed! There are Harley's everywhere over here and there are some really nice bikes, and not too many jap bikes at all.
Wendy's isn't an ice-cream shop, it sells burgers and the lot over here. Nice.
What a wonderful world we live in.

WALMART adventure Saturday!!

School needles adventure Friday

Bank adventure on Thursday