Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some more Fergus-isms!!

Fergus is loving the South.
He is having trouble with the accent though.
The other day he was in kids church when the lady teacher said,
"Does anyone want to go pottie" (as in go to the toilet/bathroom).
Well Fergus thought she said, "Does anyone want to go PARTY?"
So naturally Fergus screamed - "Yeah, yeah!! I wanna go party!!!"
The lady thought he said "pottie" and needless to say they were both extremely disappointed when they arrived in the bathroom... LOL
That boy is a crack up. He keeps me soft.

Another Fergus-ism... instead of saying "YES Ma'mam!" He's gotten confused and says, "YES MAN!!" NErida and I don't think the Southern Ladies can tell the difference yet, but it sure cracks us up!! We're trying to explain to him the difference between a Ma'mam and a Man... it's not that easy with a little Weedlet.


Amy said...

Hey Hendersons! Linked around and found your blog. I love listening to your boys talk, especially the way Archie asks if he can give Ryan some cheerios, it's so cute in that aussie accent. I'm enjoying getting to know ya'll and am glad you're here in Georgia!

Will Henderson said...

Hey Amy!!
Our boys so love Ryan. Archie talks about him as "his baby"!! Thanks for being our friend!
Nerida and Will