Friday, August 29, 2008

Prayer, Numbers, Systems, Work Hard & Faith - PART TWO

A couple of days ago I threw down a few of the core facts from God's word that drive Nerida and I forward as we seek to follow Jesus. God makes it clear that it is through the proclamation of the truth about Jesus Christ that people become aware of their sin/rebellion, confess it and become born again into God's family. To this end I believe God has chosen to use people who know Jesus to reach others as they live and intentionally seek to share the truth of Jesus.

I also believe that this is the calling of every follower of Jesus, to seek to share the truth of Jesus with others so they too can enter into the new life He offers.
I believe this is also the calling of the 'church.' The church exists to share the truth of Jesus with the world which is far from God. This happens when believers gather 'corporately' together to encourage one another in Jesus and 'seperately' as believers scatter into the community with the 'truth of Jesus' (also called the 'gospel').

Because of these facts from God's word I believe it is God's will for His people to focus on sharing the truth about Jesus with others.
1. The 'gospel' saves those who are far from God.
2. The 'gospel' is ALSO the source of power for believers to live for God.

The 'gospel' is then CORE to both individual believers and the 'church.'

These truths above will never change. True followers of Jesus will always seek to share the gospel with others. The true church will always be about encouraging and challenging people with the gospel. That is why I beleive that pastors and leaders in the church are responsible for seeing that the church focuses on sharing Jesus with the goal of seeing lives changed and growing. It matters. It is my calling.

Because the truth of Jesus matters, we should seek to share it, we should be passionate about lives being changed. Next time I will seek to break this all down further.

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