Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday's Done

Well another HUGE day at the 'LAKE.'
It all starts at 4.50am. Get up, bite to eat and drive over to the West Forsyth Campus for 5.30am start for set up.
Now the people who volunteer to do this are the real deal!! So without throwing down all the names (cause I'm sure to miss someone) - All I can say is you guys and gals ROCK!!
Then I head home at around 7am ish to have another bite to eat, have a cuppa and get ready for the Sunday services. Back for 8.30am to set up for car parking for the two morning services.
Then after that we break down till around 1pm ish.
Then I head home for lunch.
Today's BIG mistake - I had a sleep for 30 minutes today and I woke up feeling like my chest was wound up and going to cave in. I won't do the Sunday nap thing again!!
Then 3.30pm over to the two arvo services at the North Campus.
Home by 6.30pm ish.
A Big Day but AWESOME to be a part of what God is doing here in Georgia!!

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