Saturday, August 30, 2008

Revolution Church Holly Springs Campus Visit.

What is it that sets growing churches APART from the 1000’s that are closing down every year? That’s a question that Nerida and I set out to find some answers to this morning. We jumped in the “Red Rocket” with the boys and drove over to Holly Springs CANTON to check out Revolution Church’s brand new Holly Springs Campus which officially launches Next Sunday the 7th of September (9.30 & 11am).

Well as we drove home these are the things we noticed that were different:
• Preston and Laney went out of their way to meet, welcome, answer our questions and help us. This couple are awesome and Nerida and I were really blown away by their willingness to make us feel comfortable. Nerida commented that even the simple thing of offering us some bottles of cold water for the trip home shows what’s going on in this church.
• Revolution Church, the people, really are laser focused on reaching people who are far from God. We heard them say this at least four times. We saw them working hard to make next Sunday happen.
• And we had the privilege of seeing the awesome building they are refurbishing before it all launches next Sunday. Things that were different – the two entrances one for kids to check in (kids are not allowed in the service because it’s geared towards communicating to adults) and one for adults that leads through a neat foyer into the main auditorium.
• The amount of room and resources put into Kids Ministry is huge!! It looks great now I guess it will only be awesome next Sunday.
• The main auditorium has a great feel, with black and grey (maybe some red) as the colors of choice.
Can’t wait to see it all come together on Sunday the 7th of September!!

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