Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Morning Download

Well since Thursday alot has happened.
Thursday night I actually had a run in with the local Law Enforcement. I went down to the Church Office to send some emails at 9.30pm... I put in the pin, opened the door and the alarm unexpectedly went off!! I rang Marie and got the code to turn it off and it seems that the afternoon storm must have flipped the arming time forward from 11pm. Anyway, all was cool until about 10 minutes later I felt a light shine in on me through the office window, and a voice said, "Please stand up and slowly move outside." So I did, really really slowly - I don't want to die for sending an email!! Anyway once I got outside there was this police woman who put me through the drill. Anyway happy to say I'm not bloggin from Jail!!
Friday we did some essential shopping - Fireant killer, new car tyres, Will's School supplies and we had Hotdogs for lunch.
Saturday we relaxed, got some videos out.
Sunday got up at 4.30 to be at Church 'setup' at 5.30am. It was good to get in and help get things sorted for our new series launch - "The Marriage Project." Shawn is working through Ephesians 5:22-33 over five weeks. 2000+ attendance at the six services. Great to be a part of it all and to be able to encourage the volunteers that they are making a difference in reaching and impacting people with the truth of Jesus. We all slept well.

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paul said...

Will! What a great story! Remember, before 9 and after 6! ;-)