Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Night Debrief

It was another awesome day at Mountain Lake Church, here's some of the thoughts that are running around in my mind at the moment...
* Today's Take Away for me from Ephesians 5... Just as Jesus LEFT His perfect relationship with His Heavenly Father to LAY DOWN His life for His bride, the church, of which I am a part... God wants to work through my life for me to do the same for my wife, that the world might be impacted by His love in our marriage. That's deep mate, that's POWERFUL LIFE CHANGING STUFF!! I love my wife so much, I know that's easy to say but as we work through the Marriage Project series God has really given me a clear insight as to depth of Jesus' love for me AND as I consider His love and then think of how my wife loves me... well all I can say is I'm blown away by her love more and more each day. Jesus really does turn lives upside down and inside out - AWESOME. That's the power of the gospel!!
* My boys are so crazy!! Fergus has been coming out with some mind boggling stuff lately, like - "God makes me want to play the Nintendo... & God makes me so thirsty..." What's with that? Fergus is only 4 and he's theologising in way that FREAKS Nerida and I out!!
* My Sister and her 3 kids traveled down from Nashville to visit us for the weekend. Mary is so cool, I am so proud of her and Matt, the way they're sold out to living for Jesus. I pray I can be as willing as them to follow Him where He calls our family to plant this new church He's placed in our hearts.
* I GOT PULLED OVER BY THE POLICE AGAIN THIS MORNING!! I's arrived at the West Campus (a High School) at 5.20am this morning, it was dark and I was early, and I was driving slowly in the car park when I had the blue lights flashing behind me again!! Anyway try telling a Cop that the reason you're driving slowly around a High School Car Park in the dark is because you're an Aussie Church Planter doing an internship at a Church in Georgia, and you're there to help set up for church... and the reason that there's no one else around is because you're early... YEP he didn't believe me. I thanked God that Chad one of the Pastors eventually came over and bailed me out!!
* Enough Said, time to get home and love on my wife and family!!

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