Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hendersons have a New Car!!!

Yesterday (Wednesday) I had the pleasure of traveling from Atlanta Georgia to Birmingham Alabama with Mark Clement. Mark is the founder and President | CEO of Big Picture Media Group which specializes in creating original media content (video, web, print) for churches and faith based organizations as well as corporate America. Little did I know that Mark has years (15) as a pastor many of which were spent on teams planting churches throughout America. Sitting with Mark in the car it didn't take long for me to hear his heart beating loud still for reaching the lost and the importance of establishing new churches that will take the eternal message of Jesus into ever changing cultures.

Anyway the purpose of the trip was simple. Mark and his family have generously given us one of their cars to use for the time while we're preparing to plant. Nerida and I can't really say how we feel. We're overwhelmed with thankfulness and inspired to see the generosity of Jesus grip us like the way it has the Clement's.

Thanks Mark!! You have hugely impacted this Aussie boy and his family and are playing a key role in God willing this part of Jesus' kingdom work. I look forward to sharing the journey with you!!


Mary said...

Isaac says, "It's bootiful and red!"
What a blessing! It totally rocks! Love Mary, Matt, Isaac and Caleb XOX

Will Henderson said...

Yep it is really a nice car to drive and the boys think they are the ants pants when we go driving in it!!