Monday, August 4, 2008

First Day on the 'JOB'

It's been great to turn up today and be totally excited!
Sure there are some things to sort out in terms of administration etc (social security no's and other stuff) but being in another country and culture makes even these things exciting.
Key Reminder :
Today I take away again the fact that communicating and sharing Jesus' mission to reach those who don't know Him can never happen enough. And the communication isn't just from the stage, in fact it can't just be from the stage it has to be my life touching the lives of others, especially those who're on the team. There is nothing more important than FIRST me taking the time to STOP and realign myself as to what I'm here to do. And then SECOND me intentionally taking the time to recommunicate Jesus' mission with others. Encouraging, reminding, etc. even sharing it with them the very first time. I need to do this more, and be intentional about cultivating it in my life. I want Jesus' mission to be something that I don't even have to think about, I want it to be a part of me in everything I do and say.
Nerida has been trying to sort out mobile phones and has also taken little Will to an interview at the local school. So she has been super busy too.
Tomorrow I get to go to Birmingham and pick up our car for the year. Talk about jumping in the DEEP end. Hope I make it home!!!

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