Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tony Morgan on why churches fail to grow

Tony Morgan - author, church strategist, and pastor of ministries at West Ridge Church in Atlanta - recently remembered a conversation he had with a denominational leader about the attributes of a declining church. Morgan remarked, "When I work with churches for the first time, sometimes they're frustrated with me because I'm not willing to help them fix something specific...Churches can become convinced they know why their church isn't growing."

Morgan said these five foundational aspects need to be addressed first:
• Lack of mission and vision clarity
• Failure to define a concise strategy to help newcomers become fully devoted followers of Christ
• A complex structure
• Inward-focus with little connection to the community
• Weak leadership, especially in the senior pastor role

Morgan also said he was surprised by the number of churches that "would rather close their doors than make the necessary changes" to avoid decline. He concluded by saying churches unwilling to address these elements will not shift their decline, no matter how hard they try.
(TonyMorganLive.com 7/15/10, via Church Leaders Intelligence Report)

Also here is a interview Tony had with Will Mancini regarding 5 questions to clarify vision.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Engage City Church 6 Month Celebrations

Wow I can't believe that it is 6 months since Engage City Church launched publicly in Norman Park.
Here are a couple of videos that will paint the picture as to the journey that Jesus has had us all on together.
Thanks Rob for your work on the videos, you're help has been tremendous!

Engage's 6th Month Anniversary from Will Henderson on Vimeo.

Engage City Church 6 months celebrations from Will Henderson on Vimeo.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Acts 29 Sydney Bootcamp 2010

Been great to spend the past few days with some exceptional men and women in Sydney. It has been fantastic to gather around our Lord and celebrate the work Jesus is doing in and through us.

From Left
Andrew Heard, Dave Taylor, Donna & Mike Gunn, Wilma & David Fandey, Jeff Vandersteldt, Adam & Amy Witanowski, Steve Addison, Will & Nerida Henderson.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Engage Mission Teams - Engaging Brisbane

Since the launch of our Mission Teams I've been really excited about the impact that we're going to have on the people of Brisbane. Not only are our Mission Teams intent on reading and applying the Bible together, praying and encouraging one another, but our Teams will be intentionally serving the people of Brisbane and engaging them with Jesus. Here are just a few ideas we brainstormed how we can intentionally share the love of Jesus with our community:
* Give away free bottles of water
* Run a free BBQ at a local kids sporting event
* Host a block party for your street
* Buy boxes of chocolates and drop around to elderly shut ins
* Visit a nursing home and just listen
* Help out other like minded community based groups

Can you think of others?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Six Month Anniversary - Engage City Church

I'm so pumped up about Celebrating this Sunday our six month anniversary at Engage City Church!
Jesus has done so much amongst us since we launched publicly on Valentines Day past.
* Our launch team of 23 has grown to around 65 adults and 20 kids!
* We've launched four mission teams intent on engaging the people of Brisbane with Jesus.
* We had a blast with our first annual Easter Egg Hunt at Norman Park State School.
* Building renovations were unanimously approved.
* Men have been chosen for our Leadership Team; Rob, Sam, Tim and Ian.
* We've had our first baby born!
* We've been gifted with playground equipment by Norman Park State School.
* We've grown in our relationship with Jesus as we've worked through the books of Ruth, Luke, Psalms, 1 Thessalonians and now James.
* Had a mission team from Georgia visit and serve.
* Ran a bible camp for 200 Karen Refugee children.
* Rachel visited and served the Karen people for four weeks.
* Approved our first annual budget and building renovation plans/budget.
* Donated piles of blankets to refugees throughout Brisbane.
* and the list goes on...
Join us this Sunday and better yet bring a friend as we share some key announcements that will change everything as we seek to push forward in seeing people far from God engaged with Jesus and the life He offers.