Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Six Month Anniversary - Engage City Church

I'm so pumped up about Celebrating this Sunday our six month anniversary at Engage City Church!
Jesus has done so much amongst us since we launched publicly on Valentines Day past.
* Our launch team of 23 has grown to around 65 adults and 20 kids!
* We've launched four mission teams intent on engaging the people of Brisbane with Jesus.
* We had a blast with our first annual Easter Egg Hunt at Norman Park State School.
* Building renovations were unanimously approved.
* Men have been chosen for our Leadership Team; Rob, Sam, Tim and Ian.
* We've had our first baby born!
* We've been gifted with playground equipment by Norman Park State School.
* We've grown in our relationship with Jesus as we've worked through the books of Ruth, Luke, Psalms, 1 Thessalonians and now James.
* Had a mission team from Georgia visit and serve.
* Ran a bible camp for 200 Karen Refugee children.
* Rachel visited and served the Karen people for four weeks.
* Approved our first annual budget and building renovation plans/budget.
* Donated piles of blankets to refugees throughout Brisbane.
* and the list goes on...
Join us this Sunday and better yet bring a friend as we share some key announcements that will change everything as we seek to push forward in seeing people far from God engaged with Jesus and the life He offers.

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