Saturday, November 3, 2007

What is it about Leadership...?

What is it about the Aussie bloke (and ladies) that has so infected us that we are so inclined to reject the leadership that God places over us?

I have been pondering and thinking over this alot myself lately and I reckon it's got alot to do with the foundational culture of Australia, you know, we're a bunch of convicts and free living immigrants who hate anyone telling us what to do. Our grandads and grandmas didn't come to this GREAT land to find political freedom. No, they came to make a fresh start, a fresh go of things. AND that coupled with our love of rum which led to the 'rum rebellion' and the installation of 'flogging pastors' because no one else would take on the job of disciplining us 'mongrels' I reckon has made us Aussies a tough bunch of characters to deal with when it comes to relating to 'God' and all that. Anyway, the heart of the matter is people love to reject God and we'll find any excuse, and that's that!

Apart from all that, here's a great post from Shawn Lovejoy, lead pastor of Mountain Lake Church, USA regarding LEADERSHIP and God's perspective. I really appreciate his thoughts... what do you think?

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