Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Good News - God will call the game

This Sunday as we hit part three of our new series, The Gospel, we'll be journeying through the history of Israel from the time of King David. Sadly the kingship of Dave was really the high point of Israel's monarchy. After David died Israel as a nation slipped and slid into division, rebellion, exile and devastation. This Sunday we're going to see that God cares so much for His people that when we rebel He remains faithful and commits to disciplining us to bring us back from our path to self destruction.

Discipline. I don't think it's ever been a word or concept that's ever been real popular. Discipline rubs us up the wrong way. Discipline implies that we're in the wrong and we need another's correction to bring us back on track. Discipline is not popular but it is the loving thing to do when a loved one is engaging in self destructive behavior. I thank God that He not only lovingly disciplines when necessary but that Jesus has given us His Spirit that we might embrace His leadership and actually change and grow!

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