Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pre Launch Coaching with David Putman

Planting? Thinking of planting? Thinking of revitalizing an old work?
Well make sure that you get in on Pastor David Putman's Pre-Launch Tele-Coaching Network. In this coaching network you will discover how to achieve eight major milestones for launching a healthy missional church.

This Tele-Coaching Network is designed around David Putman’s resource Launching Large: Milestones for Planting a Church.
Milestone # 1: Preparation…Am I ready?
Milestone # 2: Context…Do I have the place?
Milestone #3: Resources…Do I have enough money?
Milestone #4: Team…Do I have the people?
Milestone #5: Vision…Do I have the plan?
Milestone # 6: Cultivate…Have I networked my community
Milestone #7: Launch…Am I ready to go public?
Milestone #8: Connect…Am I ready make disciples?

I can personally vouch for Pastor David's love for Christ and His Church. I spent twelve months being coached and prepared to plant Engage City Church under David and it was time very well spent. Preparation is crucial. More information? Click here.

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