Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Perry Noble calls it as it is when it comes to dating

Hey I just wanted to share with you these posts from Perry Noble about the finer art of dating...
Hey I know that's a touchy topic when it comes to Aussie Men but as a oldest brother of four beautiful and deeply loved sisters I can relate, prospective boyfriends (Iknow who you are) will read between the lines...
Perry Nobles post on four things a single girl should know.
Perry Nobles post on five things a single guy should know.
Love the way Perry talks about the things that matter.


hugh and sarah said...

Love your blogging Will. I think I better add it as a feed so i can get the updates

Anonymous said...

Hey Will, just read perry's thoughts- very straight forward and too the point! I agree with everything he said though.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

As a newly married female, I actually agree with his comments about what single females should do. God is soverign and does want the best for you - enjoy where you are at, but if he throws something your way take up the opportunity, if it isn't right let them know you aren't interested clearly. Guys you just need to keep sharp eyes and a discerning heart - don't go after everything but search them out and then go for it, if it doesn't work out - you will have learnt something along the way.

Anna said...

I enjoyed reading Perry's thoughts, very simple and true about girls overanalysing, and being scared by stalker-boys!! Great to read his emphasising the point that those who love Jesus, who set their hearts fully on Him, are very attractive.
By the way, brother Wilbur, you mentioned that you know the potential boyfriends of you (single) sisters - you must know more than us!! Can pass the info on if you want! ; )(just joshing).
Annon. younger sister.