Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Leading through change

When it comes to leadership I’m kinda like a blue heeler pup. I’m not a Doberman… just your plain standard Aussie working class variety. But like the pups I had when I grew up I’m intensely interested in learning and growing so I can be in the game.
So here’s a great post about leading volunteers through change from the LifeChurch blog.
1) He decides what the goals/vision/changes, etc. are going to be in advance.
2) He starts a series of meetings with groups of people involved. He asks/directs specific questions to the team which are set on a track to lead them to the vision that he has already decided on
3) He confirms what he heard them say (which 95% of the time already aligns with what he has concluded) and then says, let me go and put this together and we will meet again
4) He meets again and reveals to them the plan
Usually he gets 100% team buy-in and ownership because they were all in on the talks. He knows where they need to go, but human nature doesn’t necessarily like to be told.
By the way I reckon like a blue heeler, my bites worse than my bark, I’m intensely loyal and when I latch onto something I don't know when to let go... just ask my wife Nerida she didn't have a hope of not marrying me ;)

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