Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gospel Parable "Most"

The gospel parable of the drawbridge operator who terribly has to choose between saving the life of his dearly loved son or a trainload of passengers has been released as a punchy and critically acclaimed short film "Most." Check it out here.
If it is half the film that it is said to be the I reckon it would be powerful for every adult at Newlife to watch it at some time. Why? Well just to simply stop, and be refreshed in the impact of the Gospel. To just sit and again be exposed to the powerful doctrine of Penal Substitution in a way that ordinary Aussies (like me) can understand. My sin matters. Your sin matters. But amazingly... God in His grace and mercy reached out and rescued me by sending His Son Jesus to take the punishment that was coming my way.
Go to the movie and afterwards just sit and spend an hour or so in quiet reflection considering how MUCH MORE more amazing is the commitment of God to saving the Lost. And how truely agonising is the heartbreak of God to give up His dearly loved Son to save the lives of us lost willfully rebelling sinners.
And then prayerfully talking with God and asking him for a refreshment of heart towards Him, His greatness, glory and His passion for the lost.
Let's use gifts like this film to point the Lost to the Living God.

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