Tuesday, September 23, 2008

David Putman LIVE

Yesterday I had the privilege of hanging out in South Carolina and helping David Putman as he lead a day conference, “Transitioning your church to missional ministry.” It was a big crowd and the people were so kind and welcoming. It was really good to hear David’s heart again as he shared about his journey back from ‘Toxic Religion’ to again striving to enter the ‘rest and life’ Jesus offers. Honestly this is a battle we all have to fight. This battle against ‘religion’ is for life and peace is only found as daily choose to enter into Jesus' kingdom, grow in our relationship with Him and surrender our lives to His call to share the gospel.

I had two key takeaways from the day. The first was a simple reminder : In essence we’re all make disciples, that’s not the issue. The issue is what sort of disciple am I making? Religious ones? Selfish humanistic ones? The list goes on… OR am I keeping my eyes on Jesus, walking with Him and allowing Him to change me and change others through me?? It takes a true Jesus follower to make another Jesus follower. Jesus talked about this alot (Matthew 23:15).

Driving it home:
1. Am I focused on following Jesus and letting Him call the shots when it comes to this thing we like to call “life.”
2. Who am I seeking to introduce Jesus to?
3. Who am I seeking to live life with?
4. Am I prepared to give my life away, my time, my resources, my energy etc that others might know and grow as followers of Jesus too.

A real highlight was being able to meet David’s parents who’ve been serving Jesus in Pastoral Ministry together for 30 years!! Mrs. Putman made me laugh as I said goodbye. She smiled and said, “I’ve so enjoyed listening to David preach today, I had to preach to him for long enough!” I love it! Mum’s always tell the truth!!

Tomorrow I’ll share my second takeaway. Gotta run to a meeting.

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