Monday, September 8, 2008

Marriage Project Recap!

Well yesterday concluded the Marriage Project Series at Mountain Lake Church. Here's my thoughts on the series:
• It was huge to see some of the 200+ couples renewing their love and commitment to one another and their marriage.
• God didn’t just work in marriages, yesterday I met a young divorcee who needed to hear the truth about Jesus again, there was tears. It reminded me again why I packed up my girl and 3 boys and moved to Georgia, I desperately want God to use my life to see people like her meet Jesus and have their lives healed and renewed as they follow Him. I pray God, keep putting me in a position to serve the ‘least of these,’ the ones you gave you life for.
• God used this marriage series to rescue a single bloke who picked up a invite card in Pickens County!! I love that God loves to do really crazy things every now and again just to remind and show us He is God!!
• Todd and the band did a great job of using the songs to get everyone ‘online’ with the Big Idea that Jesus is the CORE and FOUNDATION for relationship – full stop. Hey Todd - Keith Urban is an Aussie have I mentioned that??
• It was great to see my Pastor Shawn renew his vows with his wife Tricia, I love the way they don’t just talk the talk but lead by example.
• By the way - the marketing and communication for the series was spot on!! From the print stuff to the road signs to the article in the paper it flat out did the job and got the message out. Coleson Chase you are the man mate!! Well Done!!
• The Kids Ministry team blew Nerida and I away. I’ve marveled at the way Chad, Russ, Courtney and their teams not only stepped into the cage but smashed down. Our 3 boys are loving going to church. Archie calls it “his church” and he’s going in to see “his boys.” Fergus and Will always remember and tell us the Big Idea that they have leant. I guess it’s a prayer God has answered!!
• So much more – check out Pastor Shawn’s Blog for his perspective by clicking here.

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