Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The power of one life...

Jesus changing lives, one by one!!
Some may know of our dear Japanese friend Sato U. U is a young Japanese man who became a Christian during the time Nerida and I were living/working on the Sunshine Coast (2004). U's decision to follow Jesus was NOT an overnight decision, in fact at first he was clearly anti-Jesus. But over time as we lived and shared life with each other Jesus used our flawed family (and others) to show U that He is God and He was calling him to stop, turn around and follow Him. Well it's now three years later and U has returned to Japan, he is a leader in a church of small groups and is reaching his friends with the truth of Jesus! Just a couple of weeks he emailed me and he said I could share it with you…
“the good news that hit me with God's Love is that one of my very close friend here was saved 2 weeks ago. i cried so loud with her and sang praises till late night that day. i think her salvation is one of the greatest miracle that He makes in this world. i was like "does He do this much for us??" her name is Moet. now i and my family in Christ here is praying for her so God will give her a good church that she can join (she came to my church the day before yesterday, but it's a bit too far from where she lives). now i feel i have more responsibility to take. i pray that God will introduce her a female Japanese Christian girl to lead her. i can't write everything that God gave me and others this time, for it's not only about my friend's salvation. you know. Jesus is THE MAN. the coooolest guy, and the worst criminal in the world of darkness. i wanna be and gotta be like Jesus! well, i wanna write more, but i have to go now. take care Will, i hope i can visit you while you' in USA. God bless your everyday. U”
I thank God for the blessing that we have to love and lead others to the amazing life we have in Jesus! Don't give up on using your one life to touch others for Christ, it really does have eternal significance!!
Watch this - this man will be used by Jesus to ingite His movement in Japan!! Pray for him and his leadership.

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