Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Shoutout - Mark Driscoll

In September Mark Driscoll spent a few weeks in Australia, based mainly in Sydney.
One of the great challenges we have in Australia is the fact that church increasingly feels weird and seems irrelevant to Aussie 'blokes'.
Well as an Aussie in the States I was curious to see what went on down under while we are UP OVER... so here's some links that I've gathered so far...
Sydney Anglican Website - It's good to keep up with what's happening in Sydney, sounds like they got a challenge, see here...
Driscoll: Sydney you have to change
Driscoll: 18 obstacles to 'effective evangelism'
Here's Rev Chengs comprehensive notes from the Sydney experience, thanks Gordon!!
Mark also spoke in Brisbane at the '300 men for Jesus' event. Check out the 300 men blog here, it has an mp3 talk, articles & resources

Anyway sounds like Mark BROUGHT it!! Good stuff. Anyway I hope, God willing to attend the Acts 29 Boot Camp in February at Rayleigh SC, and I guess I will learn some from Mark and his team there. If you're heading there, drop me a line I'd love to connect before hand. Till then you/we can keep up with Mark and the team via these links:
Acts 29 Network
The Resurgence
Mars Hill Church

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