Thursday, September 25, 2008

Great Day - Ben Arment ( Catalyst ) Part 1

As far as days go yesteday takes the cake.

It all began with Sunrise and I got to take the boys to School - sweet times talking about 'The coming Georgian Blackout' and all that means to mankind as we floated along in the 'Red Rocket.'

Then off to work and from there I got to 'hang wit' James Rodder as we cruised over to the Catalyst offices for a BBQ lunch with Ben Arment and the 'Catalyst Crew.'

Here is a taste of the day. Ben talked about 'What it takes to plant a church' and 'How the gospel travels down relational networks.' It was really good to meet Ben. I honor and respect him for his willingness to share what he has with others. I have learnt alot from him over the past years.

The key 1 : make sure you are intentional about loving and caring for others. You never know when God is going to break in through you and change someone's life - forever!

The key 2 : share what you have, and you never know who it will impact.

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