Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sometimes you have to FACE THE TRUTH!!

Cheese Burgers Here WE come!!

Tonight Nerida’s out cutting up with some of the ‘Lake Girls!!’
I’m so glad for tonight.
Again I’ve learnt that what she does in keeping three boys in line.
It all started with P90X.
I thought Shawn was going to kick me out the boys were fighting so much.
I guess I need to pull back on watching Ultimate Fighter with them… but it’s the only sport that we Aussies understand.
And the fact that she goes shopping with the boys is absolutely miraculous.
If I didn’t believe in God, now I do!!
How does she do it??
I mean when you’re at Krogers and Archie just decides to disappear?
I wouldn’t have noticed if Will Jr hadn’t pointed it out and looked for him!!
Man after tonight I have an ever deepening respect for my wife, she does THE work and never ever complains.
She consistently goes to the shops with the boys and there’s nothing…
By the time we’d bought the stuff we needed, went to Macca’s and got home I was ready to throw down. Spiritually of course 
Anyway I hope Nerida has a great night out tonight, she so deserves it!!
Love you babe!!

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