Wednesday, September 17, 2008

NEXT Conference Download 1

Well for the past two fays I've had the privilege of attending the NEXT Church Planting Conference held at Harvest Church, Warner Robins GA.
Firstly it was excellent!!
It was totally worth the effort to get there.
I learnt heaps and was reminded of many things. I want to spend some more time over the next week or so sharing a few of the KEY things I've learnt but first I want to dump what I learnt from the Harvest Church Team just by watching them serve over the past 2 days.
1. The music style you use MUST relate to the people you want to reach. Harvest uses a Southern Modern Country Rock style and it really does define them as relevant and real for the people God has placed around them. They do it really well and have fun doing it!!
2. Leadership is crucial. I know, it's a no brainer but Jim and Jen Cowart are clear and focused when it comes to the vision God has given them. They are happy and welcoming and this is reflected in the wider church family. As the leader, so the team. Something that will continue to sober me up as I meditate on that truth.
3. There is nothing like a happy, smiling welcome to cheer you up and make your day!!

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