Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dag Gum It!

Hey I'm trying to find out what you can and can't say in the 'South.'
A friend of mine says that if I'm at church and I need to cuss, I can say "Dag gum it!" My question is this - is this true or is he trying to get me in trouble? I'm trying to find suitable 'adjectives' to replace 'my Aussie tools' whilst living in Georgia. Help an Aussie boy out now.


Tricia Lovejoy said...

Dad gum; dang; darn; shoot; crud; rats; gosh; golly; aww, man; snap; goodness; crap (although, some people are still offended by this one); oh, brother; and,fooey. I may come up with more, but this should hold for a few days!

Will Henderson said...

Thanks Tricia, they're safer than the ones Shawn, David and Louie have been giving me!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, shucks!, bother! well wallop my wallaby! That's a load of George Bushit! There'e a couple for you Will. Made up the last one though.

Anonymous said...

"Aw sugar!" (in place of that other "sh" word);

"Fiddlesticks!" ( = dadgumit);

"Good gravy!" (surpise/exasperation);

"That's a load of hooey!" (disbelief);

And finally la piece de resistance: "Shazaam!!!" (surprise, thank you Gomer Pyle...hopefully my YouTube link will work.)

Oh and PS: I cannot be held responsible for the reactions of others when and if you choose to use these zingers.

For the correct usage of "Shazaam!", copy and paste into browser:

(posted by Dana)