Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Revolution Church Take-aways. Part one.

Last Sunday morning my family and I drove over to Canton to check out the launch of Revolution Church’s New Holly Springs Campus. To make the most of the morning we visited the 9am Riverstone Cinema Campus first before heading over to the 11am Holly Springs Launch. Here’s our takeaways of the morning.
Revolution Riverstone Campus.
• The road signage was bold, clear and eye-catching. The use of RED, BLACK and GREY as theme branding colors is certainly a key to the stand out road flags and signs etc everywhere. We even noticed the darn things driving home to Cumming!! Like dead squirrels they were.
• The entrance was clearly marked and the greeters welcomed us warmly. One thing they could have been done was after welcoming us they could have asked us if we needed any help, cause once inside we literally had to mainly work things out for ourselves. What I mean is we had to find the Café – it wasn’t that hard, but if you’re a first timer it’s great to know you’re welcome to jump in and help yourself, maybe there was signage or café staff, but we missed it/them. We figured we needed a coffee and no one was going to stop us! We got one!! It would have been good to have a lid for the coffee as a parent with kids and 5 bags of nappies, wipes etc it’s way to easy to spill things.
• On the other hand once we made it in a bit further, we were shown through by two people and that really helped. The children’s check in was smooth and we were escorted by a lovely lady to each of the boys separate rooms. The hall music was upbeat and lively and the boys started jumping and dancing on the way. The rooms were neat, clean and colorful. The kids jumped and didn’t look back!! Nerida had to ask about how it would work if the kids need to go to the bathroom, but once she asked her fears were quickly resolved. The kids all had a blast and the two oldest both could tell us what they had learnt (all we got out of our 2 year old was something about bubbles and stickers! Cool!). And to top it all off out of nowhere on the way home our eldest flat out asked us if we could come back to this church next week cause they’d be dressing up and doing spy work discovering more about God!! Now that’s a HUGE home run for the children’s ministry team!! Kids begging their parents to go back to the church next week – Awesome!!
• After dropping our kids into Kids Church Nerida and I bumped into Deanna, Gary’s wife, in the hallway. She is really nice!! Well done Gary.
• Walking into the Cinema there was Rock music blasting. The stage set up was simple but really did the job with the cage paneling setting up for the series “Ultimate Fighter.”
Thad Wood and the band were great and they have what I call an Aussie Pub Band feel. Reminded Nerida and I of JET, Rock loud and man focused. I guess it’s exactly the feel that the team at Revolution is aiming for, music that will appeal to ‘men.’ They brought it.
• No doubt Gary is a great communicator. He is comfortable in his style and obviously prepares well to deliver well. Enough said. My take away from the message - JESUS DIDN’T TAP OUT MAN!! And he's calling me, "you - come follow me!"
• Part 2 - Next time Revolution Holly Springs Campus, stay tuned, my wife is calling me…

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