Friday, September 12, 2008

Revolution Church Take-aways. Part two.

On Tuesday I posted a blog with take-aways from visiting Revolution Church's Ridgestone Campus (cinema). Today I want to download and share what we saw and learnt at the Revolutions Holly Springs Campus Launch. Well we said before attending the 11am Launch Service we scoped out the Cinema Campus.
• The Holly Springs signage was excellent!! A week earlier we drove over to see the wharehouse under construction and we got a little lost. Not so this time, there was no missing the REVOLUTION signs all the way from the main road!!
• The parking team did a good job, clearly directing us to our park.
• The greeters outside were friendly faces we’d met earlier at the Cinema Campus and they showed us where to check our kids into kids church.
• Again Laney was running a tight ship, the boys were checked in and each one into a different room. Fergus the Fire-engine room, Archie the Green Room and Will in the Space-age room!! The loved it and there was no looking back. Again I am so proud of how Nerida and I have raised such balanced kids…
• We then walked back out an in through the front doors into the lobby to be greeted again, and asked to fill out a guest card.
• Nerida got into a chat with the ladies and I had a bit of a look around the resource area near the café.
• Now ‘Pebbles’ the café lady did an outstanding job, but the coffee was cold. It was Starbucks though, they had it in those 5 liter goon bags, like you buy cheap wine in Australia. And having said that it was understandable in a way cause the Café area was all makeshift and to be finished off in the week/s ahead.
• Once we made it inside we were both again impressed by the cool vibe, like going to a Jet concert in the “Valley”, if you know what I mean.
• There was rock music playing and the atmosphere was ripe for the band to rock, and ROCK they did. Now Nerida picked up little things like the drums were unbalanced with the guitars, but for me it was a unique worship experience. It was geared to men, but the women were getting into it too!!
• Now Preston must have downed 3 ‘Rockstars’ in the hour before he hit the staged cause he seemed WIRED compared to the relaxed bloke we meet a week earlier!! But he did a great job of the announcements, short, simple and got off and let the band go!
• When it transitioned into the message time it was a little weird cause the screen did make a fair bit of noise as it rolled down from the ceiling.
• And there were shrieks from the audience when Gary appeared on the screen - all 11 feet of him!! But he was right after a minute or so you did get used to having an grizzly giant holler at you. In fact it was only when the screen moved with the air conditioning breeze that you were reminded. (By the way it was warm, but Gary reckons the air issue is going to be sorted).
• Again Gary did a great job, it was the same message, and yet it didn’t have the same knockout delivery as the live version. Don’t get me wrong I reckon it was great and will only get better in the months ahead, but there wasn’t the same pauses for audience laughter with the jokes. But all in all a great first go!!
• The band finished strongly and it was good that Gary could actually be there at the end of the service to encourage the people and to drink in that sweet smell of victory. Of course there are things they’ll address like the Air, Café and image sizing, but all in all it was a great morning seeing God at work in Canton Georgia.

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