Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Seattle Acts 29 Personal reflection

There is nothing like getting away for six days and waking up at 3.30am every morning to hear God. As I've reflected on the bible passages I've read, the prayers I've prayed, the messages spoken and the words various men spoke into my life I have three things that I do not want to loose:
1. The gospel is Jesus. He is the good news. Life, death, resurrection, forgiving, spiritually living in me, changing me, working in and through me. Never leaving me. Thank You Jesus, I live for you. Isaiah 7:14 - God with us forever, that is the good news!
2. I must daily die to all my insecurities. They are idols and I need to repent of them and embrace who God has made me in Jesus. I am His. I am not anyone else. God loves me perfectly and eternally in His Son.
3. I love the gospel of Jesus. He calls me to come follow Him and use all I am to see others know His love and follow Him. Lord give me a spine of iron and a heart overflowing with hope, passionate, unfliching in my watch over the good news.

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