Monday, March 16, 2009

Finish Strong - In Jesus

True followers of Jesus don’t just start with the good news of Jesus, they engage with him every day. It really is all about Jesus. The Bible plainly teaches us that "Jesus plus anything" leads to spiritual death. The fact is that God has created us to only be fulfilled by knowing and worshiping Jesus and living inline with His Gospel. It's when I forget the gospel : who I am in Christ and that He abundantly loves me, has purchased me 'at a price', I am His and He now lives in me... It is when I forget to live out of the truth of Jesus and His gospel that it all falls apart. Apart from Jesus and His gospel I have nothing. And it is in this condition my sinful heart loves to arise, deceive and lead me to return to life by the law not life by the Spirit. War begins. A war with my personal security, identity and who I am and where I can find peace.

That's why I need other men. Not to beat me and tie me up with the Law, but men to pray for me, to daily remind and encourage me in the Truth of Jesus my Lord and King and who I am/we are in Him. That's the sort of relationship that God tells us to have with the brothers. It is life giving and guards us as a family. Law giving alone kills. I hope that makes some sense. I find this fleshed out in Hebrews 3:12-15.

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