Monday, March 9, 2009

Acts 29 Seattle Boot Camp 2009

A Few Notable Quotes - Mark Driscoll
"Thinking of Planting? You will need three things : Money, People and Place."
"Some planters get a hurricane and others get a nice breeze to fly their kite, that’s just up to God."
"Think carefully when considering your calling and consider who your wife is, her gifting, personality. Is she a sticker or a mover? Backpack or Anchor?"
Russ McKendry
"I can best compare Relaunching a church to a bone marrow transplant."
Scott Thomas
"The only way we can make disciples of all nations is by being and remaining in the presence of Jesus."
"Most people can gather 50 goof ball Christians. Thats not planting, planting is gathering in the presence of Jesus."
Matt Chandler
"God is into contextualisation... He wrote the New Testament in Greek ;)"
"Want to preach? Why the eagerness for a stricter judgement? This is not a game..."
"Fulfill your ministry. You are not Mark Driscoll or anyone else... stupid."

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