Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dr Dan Reiland - Leadership Advice

Yesterday I had the privilege of sitting in on a roundtable hosted by Dr Dan Reiland and His Staff. Here's a nugget I just had to share with you:

At every level you as the lead pastor need to get out of doing the work and spend time with God. It’s like pre-momentum. It’s taking to the time to talk with God to get His perspective on all the stuff that’s out there in the future. The next series, next series, next staff hire, next campus, next plant. Then with this gel-like, vision 'oozing' you come back to the team and lead them into the pre-momentum. They then 'solidify' the vision and lead it out into the congregation. Then the momentum kicks in. “You take the time to prayerfully do the trip with Jesus and then you take it to your team who takes it with the congregation.”

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