Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mission Partners Part 2

A Couple of days ago I threw down a few thoughts on the challenge that is raising partners in the mission.

Today I want to focus on the role of the Lead Planter when it comes to raising and stewarding the resources required for the mission. A few observations;

1. Jesus is the ultimate provider of all our needs however as the under-leader you are responsible to prayerfully gather the partners and raise the finances required to get this new work off the ground.
2. You are responsible to teach your congregation what gospel motivated giving is : giving generously, faithfully and concistently to the vision of seeing people impacted and transformed by the truth of Jesus Christ.
3. You are responsible to protect yourself. You need to lead your leadership to formalise the new churches financial system so you can lead and teach Biblical stewardship from a position that guards you personally. This means having a system where you aren't signing cheques, the church has accountability structures, there is a budget and it is transparent.

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