Saturday, March 14, 2009

Formation of 'New' Australian Church Planting Network

Earlier this week I had the privilege of attending the Acts 29 Seattle Boot Camp. Whilst there I caught up with 'five' Australian Pastors/Planters who were visiting to gain insight as they determine their way forward. Click here for the 'open letter' penned by 'group leader' Al Stewart, Anglican Bishop of Wollongong (Sydney Diocese).
"...Mars Hill Seattle – like other American churches I have been to – exudes a love for Jesus, a confidence about the future and a great generosity to visitors. They are generous with their resources, their hospitality (food laid on at every turn) and their encouragement. I think this is the thing we can most learn from our American brothers and sisters: they are big-hearted and understand gospel generosity, and they feel a sense of urgency about getting things done.
"All five of us are coming back from the conference resolved to work at encouraging the good work that’s already happening in church planting in Australia, and build further on that.
"However after discussion with Mark Driscoll and Scott Thomas (Acts 29 Director) we have agreed that us Aussies will run an independent Australian church-planting network (the name is coming soon) with partnership and support from Acts 29."

Pray for Al Stewart as he leads this newly forming Network.

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