Monday, February 2, 2009

What is up for "grabs"

Today was a great discussion in our weekly "Leadership Challenge" time. The interaction was primarily around how do you keep the unchanging mission/vision/values whilst constantly creating an environment of innovation for the sake of Jesus, the good news and the lost.

Just churning things over, and want to capture the thoughts flashing through my mind: Here's a challenging thought that keeps coming through my mind from the team at Elevation Church :
"Vision vs. Strategy. Elevation is committed to a vision, that vision is to see people far from God filled with life in Christ. That is the thing that drives every decision we make and guides every discussion we have. With time it has developed into an even great commitment to see that happen each and every Sunday. We are not afraid to try a strategy to see if it works and move on to something else if it was ineffective. With our end goal in mind we will embrace a strategy we believe will advance the vision. Strategies come and go, but the vision will never change. Programs and facilities are expendable and will constantly change, the vision will remain the same... That's our commitment to God and the city of Charlotte..."

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