Thursday, February 12, 2009

Leaders God has placed in my life

Obviously Jesus is THE man who I seek to follow but biblically speaking we all have men who are our leaders and we submit too. The ultimate place to be is where those leaders are men that you love to follow. I am in that place of privilege.

These are the key men I follow :
Peter Barson - Director of Home Missions, PCQ, Australia.
Shawn Lovejoy - planter & lead Pastor of Mountain Lake Church.
David Putman - Co-Founder of with Shawn and Executive Pastor of Mountain Lake Church.
Mark Driscoll - Leader of Mars Hill Church & Acts 29 Network.
Steve Addison - planter & Director of Church Resource Ministries Australia.
It seems everyday I'm inspired, challenged, encouraged and shaped in some way by their words, example, love, honesty and encouragement. Blogs, conversations, podcasts, meetings; all entwined around how we might together grow in following Jesus.

Who's really leading you?

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