Saturday, February 7, 2009

Acts 29 Raleigh NC Bootcamp 2009

This past week my family and I attended the Acts 29 Raleigh Boot Camp. We had a great time. We missed our own beds. We made some great new friends. We got assessed by the Acts 29 Network.

Here's a snapshot of what God has and is doing through the Acts 29 Network: "Acts 29 currently has two hundred churches in the US. If we continue at present rates, we’ll be at five hundred churches in less than three years, and one thousand churches within seven years." Mark Driscoll

Raleigh Boot Camp stats:
* 350 attended
* 25 Potential Planters were assessed

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Matt Chewning said...


Its Matt Chewning. Just wanted to say "Hi". Hope you are doing well. I am excited that Beth and I had a chance to meet you and your wife. I hope yoru assessment went well. I am excited that God is moving in your life and your gonna do huge things. Bless you bro, Keep in touch.