Friday, February 20, 2009

Fueling the Movement - Part 1

An Aussie mate recently asked me : "Any pointers you have as an intern on getting other young men committed to church multiplication?" Here's my thoughts.

1. Start Planting. I think the best way to get other young men committed to church multiplication is simply to just start planting and to get runs on the board. Movement draws leaders.

2. Start Challenging. I guess it simply takes a leader who is doing it to be able to challenge with authority the young men to step up to the plate and be men and make the sacrifices necessary to see the gospel go out to the ends of the earth. I love the way Shawn Lovejoy and Mark Driscoll both speak of the men needed to plant as being the 'very best men' and the 'cream of the crop.' The language they use is very challenging and reminds me constantly of Paul ("Stand firm in the faith; act like men." 1 Cor. 16:13-14) and Jesus (You - follow me. John 21:20-23 etc). Mark and Shawn both say they don't want halfhearted, uncommitted, weak men. They just don't have the time to waste. That fires me up to be the man Jesus is calling me to be. Run church planting conference, bootcamps, assessments, etc this allows men to take steps forward whilst also allowing for honest discussions to begin as to their gifting and character etc.

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