Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fueling the Movement - Part 2

Just finishing off some thoughts about how we might better fuel Jesus' movement.

3. Start Coaching and Mentoring. Scott Thomas, Director of Acts 29 says that men that have been assessed, trained and coached have a 250% better chance of planting a growing, healthy church. Acts 29 and both invest heavily in selecting, training and ongoing coaching young leaders. Acts 29 does this through their Online Network Hub "The City" where planters from all the world daily help each other in their ministries. This is an excellent thing. Young men need to be affirmed and given permission to lead. Sadly denominations have a tendancy to do the opposite.

4. Start Networking on Gospel lines. has invested in me and want to help plant a "Jesus church" in Brisbane Australia. Acts 29 want to do the same thing. Both Networks have spent the time to see if I am of the Jesus, gospel tribe and then they've got behind me and haven't got sidetracked with the denominational admin stuff. The post modern iGeneration runs in tribes not in institutions. Denominations need to face this fact and not be scared of it but rather work with what God is doing with this generation.

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