Friday, July 25, 2008

Well it's been another huge day.
It all began last night... the three eldest Henderson's couldn't sleep (Nerida, Will Jr and myself). And to make matters worse Archie keep waking up every couple of hours but get this Fergus slept like a lamb... it must have been the wasp sting he got in the back yard that sedated him???!!
So when it came to 5am I was wide awake and seriously tired at the same time. So I got up and got organised to be picked up by our new friends Bryan and Amber.
Bryan dropped me off at a really nice independent coffee shop in Spring Hill called "Utopia" at 6.45am so I could wait for the car (see picture) to be fixed just down the road.
I had a coffee (lattes are the most like Aussie flat whites) and then walked down to pick up the car. It was actually really interesting cause this entire area is really historical with the US Civil War and the very old houses have information about the generals who lived in them, had affairs in them, got murdered in them etc!!
Anyway, I picked up the car and it's going like a charm!!
Drove home and we got organised to visit the local 'recreation' center. We drove there and were told we weren't allowed to swim cause it was raining. Yeah I know, crazy. So we drove home and then had lunch, drove to Michael and Jen Smallbone's place to pick up the rest of our ports and headed home in time for dinner.
Another wild day in the adventures of the Hendo's crash the US!!
PS We really hope and pray we can all sleep through tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Will, so funny to see your photos...Man, isn't everything in the States huge!!! So big that it's kinda funny - wait til you come home, we'll seem so tiny :)...Will be praying for you guys to recover from jetlag stoked for you guys to be there. Enjoy your weekend with Mez, Matt and the boys - say a huge hello for me! Looking forward to hearing more on your blog...Love you heaps, Ban