Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Arrived in LAX!

Having arrived at Los Angeles Airport city we actually made it out with all our seven bags and five carry on. Fergus insisted we have Hotdogs, so we did!!
We then got a bus over to the Traveloge and crashed into bed. The boys were so tired but none of them complained. You can see how they were when we tried to get them up at five this morning for breaky before heading back to LAX to catch the 8.50am flight to Nashville. We had a good laugh when we headed down to the free continental breakfast, we could have eaten donuts, bagels, sugary cinamon scrolls and cold boiled eggs. We are so hopless at fitting in - we all opted for toast and jam... sorry jelly.
Here's a photo of the boys this morning, we're to ashamed to post how Nerida and I felt.

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