Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Arrived in Nashville TN!

Well this 1.30 this afternoon (US time) we arrived in Nashville TN after a mammoth haul across the Pacific Ocean to LAX and then on to Matt and Marys house. We are so thankful that the trip went smoothly, the 3 boys are fine and are actually going hyperactive from too much sleeping on the plane... No I don't get it either. Anyway gotta crash and before that threaten the boys if they don't go to sleep there'll be some action!! G'night.
PS here's a photo of the boys playing with some crazy dogs while Dad takes his first driving lesson with Michael Smallbone, yes thats right, you heard it Will is now driving in Nashville!!


Viccooper said...

wow those puppys r cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, those puppies r so cute!!!!!!!! ;)