Thursday, July 24, 2008

Target wins an award for best customer service!

L - R : Will, Bryan & Amber.
Well today could have been an absolute disaster... but thanks to the kind staff at the Spring Hill TN MEGA Target it was fine.
It all started with a superb breakfast at Cracker Barrel - the service and food was great. We then drove over to Target, grabbed some groceries and were heading back home when the car we've been loaned literally died in the car park (parking lot) with the automatic windows all in the 'down' position and not going up. So we unloaded all our food and took it back into the store and went up to the 'Guest Services' desk and told them our situation. They kindly helped us phone AAA (Americas RACQ service) and looked after us while we waited for 2 hours for the Mobile Mechanic to arrive. Nerida burst into tears, remember we're absolutely smashed with Jetlag, at the Starbucks in the Target and the kind man there gave her half price drinks against her protests. Well the help finally arrived and they jumpstarted the car no worries, they left us with the car running, I drove it down to the front to pick up the cold food and it again promptly died.... again. So back into the Target, ring AAA again, and wait another 2 hours. They jumpstarted the car and get this one of the Target managers, Bryan and his wife, actually followed us to the mechanic shop where the car AGAIN DIED. So we left it there and Bryan and his wife Amber actually dropped us off home at Mary and Matts!!
Can you believe that!! We have had a bad day made good by the generous kindness of complete strangers. Thanks Bryan and Amber, you guys ROCK!!

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mjcab said...

Great updates! Look like the kids have been sleeping...........Love from Mike, Cat and the kiddies