Sunday, July 20, 2008

A day of goodbyes

Today was sad. We had lunch and catch up time with family and friends. I never thought I would feel so weird, kinda homesick before we even leave, and it's even worse when Nerida's Mum and sisters start crying everywhere. Anyway I managed to get the kids in the car after they had drank enough red fizzy drink to send an army nuts. We got to my parents place to say more goodbyes and it started all over again, the tears I mean. I'll be glad when the goodbyes are over, it's tough on us.


Tricia Lovejoy said...

Hey Will and Nerida! I agree, goodbyes can be heartrenching! Leaving family, friends, and home for an entire year is no easy task, but the people of Mountain Lake are pumped about loving and serving you two and your boys while God prepares you to plant a church! Shawn and I are looking forward to having dinner with you when you get settled! Take care.....we'll see you SOON!

Will Henderson said...

Thanks Tricia!!
We're so looking forward to meeting you and Shawn and learning off you both.