Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Dad (and Mum) is AWESOME!

Now I know that most boys idolise their Dads. But I have to admit that more I live the more I love my Dad and want to be like him.
He is a simple humble man of God, not perfect but willing to admit it... Pastors need to be like that, I want to be like that.
He is generous, kind and slow to speak, but when he does speak everyone who knows him listens. I want to be a man like that.
He is hard working and loves building things. He always does his best and once he starts something he finishes it. I want to be like that.
He loves his family and his family love and adore him. I want my wife and boys to always do the same.
My Dad is 65+ but get this... he's still up for shifting my wife's piano... and for that he takes the cake when it comes to being the most amazing Dad I know. I don't know of any Pastors his age still willing to get their hands dirty shifting pianos. I want to be that Pastor.
Dad I love you, you and Mum you are the best.

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